Ford Gets Serious About Electric Vehicles, Forms A New Team

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
Ford Gets Serious About Electric Vehicles, Forms A New Team
Electric vehicles have become a trending topic these days and it seems to be inevitable that it is completely going to replace internal combustion engines in the future to come. While Elon Musk lead Tesla has already ahead in this game with its electric vehicles up and running on the streets, other manufacturers are yet to do something about it.
Taking electric vehicles as a serious 'thing', Ford has formed up a new team called Edison. This team is specifically built to focus all its energy and resources on the development of new electric vehicle and technology for Ford.
This Team Edison will have members from various Ford locations; Ford China and Ford Europe have already signed up for the task. We might get to see more members coming from other parts of the world too. Ford wants to make sure that the Team Edison has everything it needs to take the project ahead. In fact, it is also looking to partner up with other automobile manufacturers to speed up the entire process.
Ford has already earmarked $4.5 billion towards the development of electric vehicles over the next five years. It has collaborated with Mahindra Group for joint development. As of now, Ford has not released any details of its prospective partners, strategies and potential markets that it would be targeting in the beginning, but with so much going on at the American base we have now high expectations from them.