First Clear Image of Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Released

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It was in Dec 2017 when we got to see a glimpse of what the new Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept would look like. Like we said, it was a glimpse. However, now the company has released the first clear picture of the concept, and boy it’s brilliant!

The future is here, at least in terms of design. Seriously, the designing department/team at Infiniti should be praised for what they’ve produced. Simply fantastic! We still haven’t got to see how the car would look from the front, but considering its striking features at the rear in the picture, we’re pretty sure it would be a similar kind of story at the front as well.

I just love the construction of the tail lights, especially the narrow strip that joins both of them. Then the brand name sits proudly at the centre of the boot lid. The rear bumper looks brilliantly done; not only it looks cool but it also provides functionality. Then there are the wheels, wow. And of course, how can I forget about the glass roof.

Back in 2016, Infiniti showcased its new 2.0-litre VC-Turbo (Variable Compression Turbo) at Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris. It is being anticipated that the new Q Inspiration Concept would be powered by this engine. Infiniti says that it will be one of the most advanced IC engine ever built.

Well, all of this looks very exciting but let us remind you that it’s still a concept. There would be several changes that it would go through to finally take shape of a production-ready model. We really hope that just like the design team at Infiniti did its magic to produce this masterpiece (even if it’s a concept), others too would swing their magic wands and make this car really happen.


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