Fiat 500 Goes Electric, Spearheads FCA’s EV Charge

The Fiat 500 is now in its third generation, featuring an all-new electric powertrain and sustainable technology. It also goes back to its birthplace for production.

Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE (4)|Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE (5)|Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE (1)|Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE (2)|Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE
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Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE (4)|Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE (5)|Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE (1)|Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE (2)|Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE
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The new Fiat 500 was due for a reveal at Geneva Motor Show. However, due to the global pandemic situation, Fiat decided to reveal it anyway. And for the first time ever, this cute Cinquecento is an EV.

The third-generation Fiat 500 has a range of up to 320km and features 85kW fast charging. The company claims it takes only five minutes to build up enough juice to travel 48km. This makes the car hugely convenient for most urban customers’ average daily commute. Using a fast charger, the battery can store up to 80 percent energy in just 35 minutes.

Fiat is offering an Easy Wallbox charging unit with the launch edition examples. This plug-and-charge” system hooks up to a normal home power outlet and can be managed via Bluetooth. Th eFiat 500 is good for 87kW or 117hp. It cracks the ton in 9 seconds, while zero to 50kph takes just 3.1 seconds.

It features three driving modes: Normal, Range, and Sherpa. Normal mode attempts to mimic the experience of driving an internal-combustion automobile. Range mode activates the “one-pedal drive” function, letting you drive the 500 using just the accelerator pedal. Since the drivetrain is electric, motor braking is much higher than what you would get from an equivalent IC engine.

Fiat 500 Electric Dubai UAE

Does anybody else here also think the 500’s taillights look like the 2020 Suzuki Swift’s?

Sherpa mode is the one to go for to conserve and maximise available charge for optimum range. Fiat has cleverly redesigned the ‘500’ logo to link it to its past. However, the final zero doubles up as the letter “E” to signify the car’s electric drivetrain. The cabin is all-new but harks back to the first generation city car. It offers more shoulder and legroom for occupants than before. The lithium-ion batteries are placed under the flat floor to provide generous cargo-carrying capacity.

Some trim levels of the electric Fiat 500 will receive seat upholstery made from “Seaqual” yarn – plastic recovered from the sea. Other trims will use eco-leather. Notably, Fiat has shifted the 500’s production back to where its origins lie – Turin, Italy. The first 500 rolled off the assembly line in Turin 63 years ago.

The Fiat 500 Convertible ‘La Prima’ will make its way to the UAE later this year. Expect a price tag around the AED 140,000 mark.

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