ESMA To Curtail Counterfeit Spare Parts Trade In The UAE

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The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) will bring into effect a new vehicle safety system which will commence this October. The new regulations are aimed at doubling down on the sale and supply of counterfeit spare parts in the UAE.

Abdullah Al Muaini, Director General of ESMA, said: “Standards are being implemented in coordination with local authorities who will monitor the market. The regulation is part of ESMA’s strategy to regulate the transport sector and vehicles in a comprehensive and integrated manner to ensure safety of vehicles on the roads of the UAE.” In the first phase of implementing the regulations, ESMA will focus on new automotive parts. Those without the governing body’s quality mark will be prevented from entering and being sold in markets nationwide.

Local traders in the UAE have been given a time limit of one year from the regulations coming into effect. Within the year, all these traders are required to get rid of all non-complying parts in the market. The new regulations will cover all aspects of the automotive industry. This includes everything from manufacturing and packaging, transportation and logistics, storage, to distribution and usage of the parts.

After the initial phase is complete in which new parts will be standardized, ESMA will put into motion the next phase of the drive. Workshops across the nation will be categorized according to the services they offer, and each will receive a rating by ESMA. The objective of the governing body is to set up a central portal which would enable motorists to choose the right garage or workshop specific to their vehicles and needs.

Featured Image Credit: Peninsula BM