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CarPrices.ae Team / Posted On - December 28th 2022

OnStar, the pioneering in-vehicle safety and security technology from General Motors, helps to protect and connect you, offering the widest range of safety and security services to drivers. Currently, OnStar is available on most 2021 GM models, across the Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac brands in the UAE. Built into the vehicle from the beginning with an embedded e-Sim, OnStar is an opt-in subscription service, offering unparalleled levels of safety and security.
“OnStar is in a league of its own, leading the way with the Connected Car to bring you closer to your vehicle than ever before,” said Gary West, Managing Director OnStar and Future Mobility at General Motors Africa and Middle East. “Drivers in the UAE are tech-savvy, demanding more from their vehicle to make the most of every journey and OnStar is able to deliver this support at every touchpoint with cutting-edge technology, backed by the human touch. OnStar is only available once a customer subscribes to the service, as General Motors continues to keep customers at the heart of its operations, prioritizing choice, control and data privacy for every driver.”
Alberto Araque Delgado, Vice President IoT and AI at Etisalat, said: “We are pleased to support General Motors as its connectivity partner for its pioneering technology, OnStar. Etisalat has continuously worked closely with automobile OEMs and transport authorities across the UAE to enable the automotive market with best communication networks and solutions. Through our extensive experience in mobility IoT and Connected Car solutions, we are confident that this partnership will play a valuable role in transforming the automotive industry. With the region's first in-vehicle Wi-Fi plan, provided by Etisalat, we will deliver the widest range of safety and security services in GM cars. We believe this will ultimately change how GM customers approach their driving experience with unparalleled levels of safety and security.”
While no one plans to get into an accident, have their car stolen or even lose their keys, OnStar can be there for you for the unplanned, providing a life-saving in-vehicle service that uses technology to instantly connect you to a human to get you the right help. 
Calling for help, even when you can't
While you can't predict everything that happens out on the road, you can prepare for it. When the vehicle's sensors detect that you've been in a collision and the airbags are deployed, Automatic Crash Response enables an automatic call from your vehicle to an OnStar Advisor, offering help and staying with you until emergency responders arrive. The OnStar Advisor can also connect you to your loved ones, offering another level of comfort and support during a difficult time. 
Only in a crash or an emergency situation, an OnStar Advisor will use crash data, GPS technology and precise maps to locate your vehicle and connect with emergency responders, sharing specific crash data and your exact location, to ensure you get the right help when you need it most.
A friend on the road
It's not just in a collision where OnStar can help! Just like a great friend, OnStar can help if you run out of fuel halfway down the highway or burst a tire, by connecting you to GM's Roadside Assistance Provider. You can call for help either through your mobile app or by just pressing the blue button, even if you're phone is out of battery.
OnStar also allows you to be a better friend on the road, with Good Citizen. If you drive past an incident on the road - perhaps another driver has broken down or has been in an accident - you can push the red button and report the incident to an OnStar Advisor, who will help get the other motorist the right support and help build safer communities. After all, emergency services can't help until they know about the issue, so you can do the right thing, more easily than ever before. 
No matter what the situation, you can press the red button and get support from an OnStar Advisor, 24/7 and 365 days a year.
Officer OnStar, reporting for duty
While we're lucky to live in a region with low levels of crime, OnStar can work closely with local law enforcement to support in the rare occasion of a car theft. Theft Alarm Notification* can inform you if your car alarm goes off. With Stolen Vehicle Assistance, once a report has been filed and local authorities have confirmed that your car has been stolen, on your request OnStar Advisors can work hand-in-hand with the police to help them locate the vehicle. When the conditions are right and all safety measures have been considered, only on police request, OnStar can execute Stolen Vehicle Slowdown® or prevent the perpetrator from restarting your vehicle with Remote Ignition Block TM. By working hand-in-hand with the authorities, OnStar can help to bring your vehicle back where it belongs safely.
More connection, more control
In addition to the safety services that OnStar offers in an emergency, it also offers a host of innovative and convenient Connected Services to elevate your every drive, every day. OnStar unlocks the underlying connectivity in your vehicle, building a seamless bridge between your busy life and your vehicle. By downloading myChevrolet, myGMC or myCadillac app, you can access and control your vehicle with the Remote Key Fob, locking and unlocking the doors and even remote starting the engine, so the cabin is cool and comfortable before you even step in - an ideal solution during the long, hot UAE summers.
Via the myChevrolet, myGMC or myCadillac app, you can also find the location of your vehicle on a map (if the privacy button isn't enabled), or remotely flash the headlights and honk the horn to help you find your car in a busy parking lot. 
A Diagnostic Alert a day, keeps the mechanic away
Bringing you closer to your vehicle than ever before, OnStar is able to provide crucial information to better inform you on the car's health and status, with Vehicle Diagnostics. Before you head out, either for a road trip or as part of your daily commute, you can press the blue button in your vehicle and an OnStar Advisor can run a real-time Diagnostics Report. Checking the status of your vehicle helps avoid inconvenient breakdowns and delays while you're out and about. 
Prevention is better than cure, and OnStar helps you to proactively manage this with a monthly diagnostic report showing the health of your vehicle. Covering everything from remaining oil life, tire pressure and current odometer reading, it is easier than ever to maintain your car and book with your local dealer whenever a problem arises. 
Once you onboard and activate OnStar, you will unlock up to 10 years of standard connectivity services free of charge, giving you access to services like Vehicle Diagnostics, Diagnostics Alert, Dealer Maintenance Notification and SmartDriver!
A plan for every need
OnStar knows that no two drivers are the same and have therefore launched a range of subscription plans at different price points to give more choice and flexibility. Members can opt for the Protect Plan or the Connect Plan priced at just AED 99 per month or a bundle offer priced at AED 149. For more value, members can opt for an Annual plan and get yearly coverage for the price of 10 months. OnStar will also require an in-vehicle data plan from Etisalat starting at AED 69 for 2GB per month. For more information on OnStar's pricing and packaging, please visit https://www.onstararabia.com/en/plans-pricing/find-your-plan.
To ensure you experience these exciting services, activate today by pressing the blue button in an OnStar equipped vehicle and enjoy 2 free months of the Protect and Connect bundle plan as well as 3GB/90-day (whichever comes first) data trial.

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