Dyson To Produce Electric Car By 2020

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Dyson, an electric appliance manufacturer, has officially announced that it will produce its first electric vehicle by 2020. The company believes in innovation and its Supersonic hair dryer and cordless vacuum line are examples of innovation in digital motor tech.

This news was given out by James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer of the company, in one of his emails to the employees. With a concern about the increasing air pollution in the world, Dyson wants to contribute to the society by making an electric car with an investment of £2bn.

James said, “Some years ago, observing that automotive firms were not changing their spots. committed the company to develop new battery technologies. I believed that electrically powered vehicles would solve the vehicle pollution problem. We’ve starting building an exceptional team that combines top Dyson engineers with talented individuals from the automotive industry.”

Dyson has created a talented team of around 400 members. He’s dedicated towards his goal and will make Dyson’s first electric vehicle by 2020. While this news comes as a surprise to many of us, it will be interesting to watch when Dyson comes out with its product. How would the market respond to it and what would be the reaction of other EV manufacturers in the market? Clearly, by then many new innovations will be unveiled and perhaps, new technologies would be implemented to make electric vehicles much better.

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