Bugatti Announces Limited Edition Divo Hypercar

By Carprices TeamDecember 28th 2022
Bugatti Announces Limited Edition Divo Hypercar
Bugatti has announced its intent to build another hypercar, the Bugatti Divo. A limited edition run of just 40 units is on the cards, with focus on improving the dynamics of the car.
The Bugatti Chiron has been on sale for a fair amount of time now. Although there is no arguing with the hypercar's specifications and capabilities, there is no hiding its sheer bulk either. At close to two tons road-ready, the Chiron is not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to driving dynamics. Bugatti clearly knows the Chiron's shortcomings and plans to address them with the limited edition Divo hypercar.
The Divo is being engineered to be a more dynamically superior model than the Chiron, it will be lighter and nimbler than the French hypercar maker's only current model. Bugatti is coming up with a special aerodynamics package for the Divo, imparting it "significantly better handling properties." The Divo will have a new design focusing on its aero and dynamic focus, which we're assuming means will make it look slightly different than the Chiron. Both the Chiron and its predecessor boasted of advanced active aero packages, so we can expect the latest hypercar will take the company's expertise in this department to another level.
Bugatti mentioned that the Divo will fall in line with the company's coachbuilding legacy, meaning that the Chiron's drivetrain will be carried over to the new car. So an 8-liter quad-turbo W16 engine belting out 1497hp through a Ricardo dual-cutch transmission will most likely be seated behind the driver. "With this project, the Bugatti team has an opportunity to interpret the brand DNA in terms of agile, nimble handling in a significantly more performance-oriented way," said Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. Now we suddenly see  why the company is announcing the Divo. With Stephan Winkelmann helming the French carmaker, the decision to go a step further than the Chiron does not seem out of place. After all, Winkelmann brought Lamborghini to its current level of success before shifting  to Bugatti!
The new Bugatti is named in honor of two-time Targa Florio winner Albert Divo who raced in the 1920s. The super-exclusive hypercar will make its official debut at 'The Quail' in California on August 24. The price? $5.8 million a pop. Eye-watering? Yes. But then again, so will the Divo's performance be.