Breaking: Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series Spotted Testing

By Carprices TeamDecember 12th 2022
Breaking: Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series Spotted Testing
Mercedes-Benz was spotted out testing its new, harder-core version of the AMG GT R, because tradition dictates every AMG must come with a meaner Black Series sibling.
Black Series cars from Affalterbach have had a long history, building upon AMG models to liberate some more power, torque, and presence that makes its garden-variety sibling look like a tame rabbit in comparison.
Mercedes-AMG's flagship sports car is the GT R which really does not lack for power. 577hp and 700Nm out of a 4.0-litre biturbo V8 means that it lives up to the expectations people have from an AMG: shredding tyres like there is no tomorrow. With the launch of the AMG GT four-door which puts out 630hp, the GT R is overshadowed, which is unbecoming of a car that does not have to ferry around family.
Which brings us to the spy shots, which depict a Mercedes-AMG GT R going around the Nurburgring in anger. The company has hidden most of the car in heavy camouflage, but there is no covering up that massive diffuser and the aero-strakes adjacent to the front grille that aid downforce. Such whiskers are commonly found on DTM race cars. And are those brake discs glowing?
AMG boss Tobias Moers had confirmed recently that Mercedes would be releasing a Black Series version of the GT R in 2020, saying it would be more powerful. While he did not say how much more, we are assuming it will eclipse the GT four-door's 630hp. Maybe the Black Series is aiming to churn out more than 650 horses?
This being a Black Series and having the Porsche 911 in its crosshairs, Mercedes-AMG will want to make the GT R lighter than before. At 1,555kg the GT R it is not a porky car by any stretch, but any weight loss is always good news. With the weight figure down and the front-engine rear-wheel-drive configuration going for it, the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series sure looks like another machine that shows no mercy on its tyres. And that's how we like our AMGs, black with extra rubber handy.
All Images Credit: CAR Magazine