BMW Unveils New-Gen 3-Series At Paris

Carprices Team / Posted On - December 27th 2022

At the Paris Motor Show, BMW pulled the wraps off one of its most prolific models: the 3-Series. The sedan is now in its seventh generation and is better than ever.
The seventh-generation BMW 3-Series delivers on the attributes its predecessors were known for: design, agility, fuel-efficiency, and advanced equipment. At the car's unveiling at the Auto Show, BMW development chief Kalus Froehlich said, “We will prove the new 3 series remains the sportiest sedan in its segment. The new generation is better in every way than before. It represents the BMW brand like no other car. It's the heart and soul of BMW.”
Through "tireless engineering and testing," BMW engineers reworked the body structure and chassis technology of the 3-Series to improve driving dynamics, handling, steering and braking performance. The German automaker puts much store by its new product, claiming the new 3-Series will "move the game" in terms of driving dynamics. “The foundations for these attributes are provided by weight optimization, a low center of gravity, a perfect 50:50 front-rear weight distribution and, above all, by the increase in the front and rear track compared with the predecessor model,” BMW commented in a release.
The 2019 BMW 3-Series boasts of a body structure that is 25 percent more rigid overall, peaking at as much as 50 percent in certain areas. The 3-Series is also the first BMW to get a new shock absorber technology. Lift-related dampers are now part of the standard chassis, improving sportiness as well as comfort level to a notch higher than rivals. The seventh-gen 3-Series is 55kg lighter than its predecessor. The front spring struts and engine subframe are now made of aluminium, helping engineers reduce 30kg from the body-in-white.
The 2019 BMW 3-Series is longer, wider, and taller than the model it replaces. The new dimensions impart the car with a muscular stature, according to BMW. The longer wheelbase and increased track width also aid agility.
Inside, the new 3-Series is thoroughly modern and has a few impressive tricks up its sleeve. There is a digital in-car assistant that learns your routines, patterns, and preferences. The car can be unlocked and started with a smartphone, which can itself be charged on a wireless charging tray. The 3-Series can auto-reverse as far as 50 meters by backtracking over its exact previous path recorded through steering movements. We can think of a dozen sticky situations where this feature could come in handy.
BMW has endowed the 3-Series with a comprehensive suite of driver assistance and safety systems. This includes an optional active cruise control operational between speeds of zero to 210kph, which can also bring the car to a complete standstill if necessary. The traffic detection sensor not only registers the vehicle directly in front of the Beemer but also detects the vehicle in front of the former. City Braking function alerts the driver when a cyclist or pedestrian is detected.
The 2019 BMW 3-Series will go on sale next March. Middle East price have yet to be released.

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