BMW Tests Its New X1 In Snow

By Carprices TeamDecember 13th 2022
BMW Tests Its New X1 In Snow
Winter is here and BMW is utilising this weather to test its next-generation X1. A test mule of the same has been spotted in the snow. Being heavily camouflaged, it appears that the car is still in early stages of development.
Earlier this year, BMW revealed the face-lifted variant of the X1. So we thought that that was it for the time being. However, BMW doesn't seem to sit idle and already started working on a next-gen X1. We've got a few spy shots of the test mule.
Like we mentioned before, the test vehicle was heavily disguised so not much has been leaked out. But as per the usual procedures that are followed while upgrading a model, we're expecting to see a new pair of headlamps (obviously LEDs) and also new design at the rear for the tail lights. The overall design or silhouette of this car somewhat resembles that of the X2. We'll have to see what BMW has in its mind later.
Other visual clues that we could pick up from these pictures include black matte-finish alloy wheels and similar paint scheme of the rearview mirrors. The wheels look contrasting in the snow and we'd like to see them in the production-ready model.
If we talk about the interiors of the next-gen X1, we can see that BMW has covered up everything to keep it a surprise. It appears that BMW would be making a complete overhaul of the cabin. We would definitely like to see a twin screen setup in the new X1, just like what Mercedes-Benz has done in its new A-Class hatchback, and most probably will follow that in the A-Class sedan which is expected to launch a few months later after the former gets out.
Apart from all these changes, the biggest change that BMW would be implementing in its new X1 is the FWD. BMW would shift from the RWD system to this and perhaps, an optional AWD system would be available too. If this gets a thumbs up, we could also expect to see new trims in the engine as well.
As of now, no details regarding the launch of the next-gen X1 have been released. Like we said before, it seems that the new car is still in the early or mid-development stage and perhaps would be ready by the end of 2018. So, maybe an early launch in 2019 sounds feasible. Let's see.