Audi Middle East Sets New Benchmark In Class Leading Aftersales Service! Team / Posted On - June 13th 2024

Audi Middle East topped the 2024 Aftersales Warranty & Technical Support Index, reflecting excellence in customer service and technical support. This ranking highlights Audi's strategic improvements, high standards, continuous training, and innovative customer support in the Middle Eastern market.

Audi Middle East has achieved a remarkable milestone, securing the top spot in the Aftersales Warranty & Technical Support Index (STLI) so far in 2024. This prestigious ranking, used by the Volkswagen Group to assess the performance of their global aftersales importers, reflects Audi Middle East’s unwavering commitment to excellence in customer service and technical support.

Understanding the STLI

The STLI is a comprehensive index that monitors and evaluates the performance of over 50 importers worldwide, encompassing major markets such as Spain, Germany, Italy, the USA, Japan, the UK, and more. This rigorous assessment involves 17 technical and warranty-related criteria, including:

  • Field monitoring
  • Product support qualifications
  • Technical query response times
  • Claim management efficiency

Achieving a high ranking in the STLI requires importers to excel in these areas, demonstrating their dedication to providing top-tier aftersales service.

Climbing to the Top

Audi Middle East After Sales Service.png

Audi Middle East’s ascent to the number one position has been a journey of consistent improvement and strategic focus. In February 2022, Audi Middle East ranked 16th, but by the end of the year, it had climbed to 3rd place. This momentum continued through 2023, with the region securing 2nd place by year-end. By May 2024, Audi Middle East proudly achieved the top position globally.

This success is no accident. It is the result of proactive measures to guide dealers across multiple countries, each with unique challenges due to varying environmental conditions and government regulations. Audi Middle East’s ability to navigate these complexities and maintain high standards across the board has been instrumental in their rise to the top.

Key Strategies for Success

Maintaining High Standards Across the Region

Audi Middle East After Sales Service (1).png

Audi Middle East has been diligent in ensuring that all dealers adhere to relevant KPIs. Using a thorough approach and market ranking similar to the STLI, Audi Middle East ensures that regular monitoring and guidance are crucial in maintaining consistent performance across the region. The service systems also provide an additional level of accuracy for data collection, which analyses customer complaints.

Continuous Training and Expertise

Employing factory-trained technicians and investing in continuous training have ensured that Audi Middle East remains at the forefront of technical proficiency. This focus on expertise allows for precise diagnostics and effective solutions, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Streamlining Processes for Efficiency

By streamlining processes and reducing the average time for claim entries and technical authorisations, Audi Middle East has improved operational efficiency, resulting in faster resolutions for customers. Prioritising customer needs and providing tailored support have strengthened customer trust and loyalty.

Innovative Customer Support Initiatives

Initiatives such as real-time technical query responses and robust product support have set Audi Middle East apart from competitors. Moreover, the engagement of individual markets also plays a crucial role in this success. The collaboration between Audi Middle East and the operational staff in workshops reflects the values that drive such achievements.

Unique Challenges and Achievements

Audi Middle East After Sales Service (2).png

Operating in the Middle East presents unique challenges, with diverse environmental conditions and regulatory requirements across different countries. Audi Middle East has excelled in this complex landscape, demonstrating remarkable adaptability and resilience. This achievement underscores the region’s ability to deliver consistent, high-quality aftersales service, irrespective of the challenges.

Looking Ahead

Maintaining the number one position in the STLI is both a significant achievement and a responsibility. Audi Middle East is committed to sustaining this excellence by continuously innovating and improving its aftersales services.

Audi Middle East sets new benchmark in Aftersales Warranty & Technical Support Index is a testament to their dedication, strategic focus, and relentless pursuit of excellence. This accomplishment not only highlights their superior aftersales performance but also reinforces their reputation as a leader in the global automotive industry. As they continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of the Middle East, Audi remains committed to delivering unparalleled service and support to their valued customers.

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