Alfa Romeo is Developing A Giulia-Based Coupe

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
Alfa Romeo is Developing A Giulia-Based Coupe
Alfa Romeo is reportedly hard at work coming up with a two-door cousin to its Giulia four-door saloon. The rumored new Alfa won't be just a poser, with its powerplant purported to develop upward of 640 hp.
British Autocar says that Alfa Romeo is currently developing a coupe that will share its front end and fascia with the Giulia but will lose two doors and gain a better-looking profile and rear end. The car is rumored to also benefit from the Giulia's current range of powertrains, including the 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four from the Veloce variant which is good for 276 hp, as well as a 2.9-liter turbo petrol V6 which is reportedly being massively tuned to produce 641 hp. The V6 produces 345 hp under the hood of the Giulia Quadrifoglio.
The kind of output Alfa Romeo is extracting from the V6 puts the Giulia coupe squarely in supercar territory, with its engine making a mere 20 horses less than the 661-hp Ferrari 488. Closest logical rivals like Mercedes-AMG, BMW M, Audi S and RS cars, Polestars and the likes aren't even in the same ballpark as the coupe. For reference, the BMW M4 DTM which is the hardest-core M4 produces 495 hp, the Audi RS5 manages to push 444 hp, while the Merc-AMG C63 S coupe produces 503 hp, which is still a massive 130 hp less than the Alfa.
While the power figures are definitely jaw-dropping, the really clever bit is how the Alfa manages to generate so much power from such a tiny mill. The car gets an F1-style Energy Recovery System, which boosts its power to ungodly levels. For those of us mere mortals who would be scared witless by the power output, Alfa Romeo is also working on a non-ERS Giulia coupe that is rumored to put down 500 hp.
There are also rumors flying around that the coupe could be named Sprint, but a more logical moniker would be 'GTV' since it is consistent with Alfa's history. Rear-wheel-driven Alfa Romeos of the past have traditionally had a coupe cousin that took up the same name but added the tag 'GTV' to mark its distinction from the family sedan.
We are rather excited to find out when the new coupe would be hitting the streets. Because who would not want a car that looks beautiful, has the vocal chords of God, and can put supercars to shame? Autocar says the coupe would probably be unveiled in 2018, with a 2019 launch at the earliest.