Al-Futtaim Trading Enterprises Honda Unveils The Advanced And Stylish All-New 2022 Honda HR-V Team / Posted On - August 23rd 2022

Trading Enterprises Honda, one of the Al-Futtaim Automotive companies, today announced the launch of the stylish and advanced All-New Honda 2022 HR-V. Focusing on functionality and spaciousness for drivers, the HR-V aims to be a lifestyle icon that is confident, visually pleasing and a pleasure to drive. The HR-V is the right size with the space and utility for an adventurous weekend escape, as well as to navigate city streets with ease.
Exterior Styling 
The All-New Honda HR-V debuts a strong, sporty, and expressive exterior design for 2022, featuring a bold new grille, longer hood and sleek roofline. The All-New HR-V is larger than its predecessor, with a longer wheelbase and wider stance with an underlining character of a fun SUV. 
- LED Headlights and LED Front Fog Lights: The All-New Honda HR-V has a full array of wide set LED headlights with Day Time Running Lights (DRL) in all grades. LED Front Fog Lights feature in the EX-grade.
- Pentagon Mesh Grille: The bold and sporting new look of the Honda HR-V is accentuated by a multi-faceted Pentagon Mesh Grille which gives it a sculpted look and makes it a head turner.
- New LED Taillights: A First in the HR-V is the center light on the tailgate which diffuses into the sidelights and carries the beltline to the front headlights which gives an instant visualization of HR-V’s youthful design cues.
- 17 Inch Alloy Wheels: All Grades Feature stylish 17 Inch Alloy Wheels giving it a bold and an aggressive attitude.
- Fastback-Inspired Roofline: The graceful swoop of roofline, the elongated hood, and the clean body lines, gives the HR-V a coupe like silhouette.
- Panoramic Sunroof: A first in the Honda HR-V is the panoramic sunroof which features low emissivity glazing to reduce infra-red radiation, making the cabin cooler during hotter days. This features in the EX-grade only.
Other noteworthy features include Auto Rain Sensing Wipers and Rear Parking Sensors in LX and EX, Power Folding Mirrors, Rear Fog Lights and Smart Entry with Touch Sensor and Walk-Away Auto Lock® standard in all grades.
Premium Interior Design
The spacious interior of the Honda HR-V has a solid, premium SUV feel, but with contemporary fabrics, leather, and soft-touch material combinations. The modern, minimalist aesthetic is created by the horizontal sweep of the instrument panel with uncluttered lines and surfaces throughout. 
The interior design puts emphases on visibility, easy operation and sense of space. A horizontal dashboard layout sets the scene for a ride focused on the road ahead with an intuitive infotainment screen that defines contemporary design:
- Spacious Cabin: The spacious cabin seats five occupants with ease and offers interiors with fabric in DX and LX grades and leather in EX grades for added style and comfort.
- Automatic Climate Control: The Honda HR-V has an automatic single zone climate control feature with knurled knobs which enables the driver and the passenger to access and change the A/C temperatures to adapt to the outside environment. 
- Air Diffusion Mode: An innovative new feature and a first in Honda is the New Air Diffusion System. Selecting this mode puts the airflow through the L-shaped vents.  These vents create a fresh breeze in the cabin without hitting the occupants directly but gently guiding the airstream around them. An air curtain is formed around the front and rear passengers which protects heat from the outside from entering and maintaining the cool temperature in the cabin.
- Rear A/C Ventilation: The rear passengers can enjoy additional comfort with the rear a/c vents which they help them to sit back and enjoy the ride in the All-New Honda HR-V. These are available on the LX and EX Grades.
- Magic Seats and 60:40 Combination Seats: The HR-V’s most unique feature are the rear Magic Seats which with a single motion which instantly converts the modular interior into space for a surfboard or even a bike. The seats can be tipped for vertical space or fold them flat into the floor in one easy motion or select the 60:40 split for even more flexibility.
- Touch LED Roof Light: A first in Honda HR-V, are the capacitive touch rear ceiling lights that are elegant in design and operation. There are no switches to turn ON or OFF, simple touch the chrome ring to turn them ON or OFF. This is available on the EX grade. 
- Cargo Space: The centre tank layout and the clever packaging with the various modes of the magic seats and 60:40 combination seats allow cargo storages for the All-New HR-V which can accommodate two folded bikes, a surfboard and 4-5 suitcases with ease. 
Advanced Safety with Honda Sensing TM
For the first time on the All-new Honda HR-V is the Honda SensingTM suite of active safety and driver assistive technologies that uses a new single-camera system which provides a wider field of view of the road ahead as compared to the previous camera and radar system. Combined with software advances and a new, more powerful processor, the system is also capable of more quickly and accurately identifying other vehicles and make driving both easier and safer. This is available in the LX and EX grades.
Salient features include:
- Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)
Designed to detect and alert the driver of a potential collision. It also reduces vehicle speed to minimise impact if a collision becomes unavoidable. Additionally, CMBS detects oncoming vehicles when turning, bicycles crossing the street, pedestrians, motorcycles and pedestrians in low light environments.
- Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow
Helps maintain a constant speed by automatically speeding up or slowing down to keep a set distance behind the car in front – all without having to keep a foot on the accelerator.
- Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
Helps to keep the vehicle in the middle of a detected lane, preventing it from accidentally drifting out of its lane.
- Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM) Alerts the driver when it detects the vehicle may have unintentionally deviated from its lane or is suddenly leaving the roadway altogether.
- Lead Car Departure Notification System
Notifies the driver with audio and visual alerts if the accelerator pedal is not depressed and the car in front has moved away – useful when in traffic jams or at stop lights.
Additional Safety Performance and Features
Continuing the Honda’s' longstanding tradition of advancing safety performance, the All-New Honda HR-V introduces multiple new active and passive safety systems including the full suite of Honda SensingTM Technologies. Some of the safety systems include:
- ACE™ Body Structure: The Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure in the All-New Honda HR-V has been enhanced for even better compatibility with larger vehicles with improved occupant protection in angled frontal collisions, with a new upper A-pillar structure, side frame and lower firewall structure, all designed to route crash energy around the cabin.
- Rear Wide View Camera: Engage reverse and the rear-view camera automatically comes to life on the 8" display screen with the choice of 3 viewing angles.
- Rear Seat Occupant Reminder: The Rear Seat Occupant Reminder is a new safety feature available in The All-New Honda HR-V. At the end of the journey, when the ignition is turned off, the driver is advised to check the rear seat to prevent any rear occupants being left behind in the car before the car is locked. This is especially helpful for families with small children and pets.
- Hill Descent Control: Hill Descent Control (HDC), automatically controls the speed between 0-20 kmph when descending steep hills.
- Vehicle Stability AssistTM (VSA®) with Traction Control: During an oversteer or understeer condition, VSA can brake individual wheels and/or reduce engine power to help restore your intended course.
- 6 Airbags: The All-New HR-V is fitted with 6 Airbags to ensure maximum occupant protection and safety. 
- Auto High Beam (AHB)
Automatically changes the low beam headlights to high beam when necessary, improving visibility at night and avoiding high beams from dazzling oncoming traffic.
Additional Features 
Intuitive and seamless in-car connectivity features and apps, introduce a new level of technology to Honda’s compact segment SUV, which can be accessed via the 8” Display Audio. The Honda HR-V is one of the examples of realizing the design concept of aesthetics, a true human centered approach. Some of the noteworthy technology enhancements include:
- 8-Inch Display Audio: The All-New Honda HR-V debuts the 8-inch color Display Audio. The new touchscreen features large, easy-to-recognize icons, and a simplified navigation structure with embedded menus. The touchscreen systems also come standard with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration. 
- 4.2-inch TFT Driver Information Display (DII) with Multi Information Display (MID): The All-New HR-V features 4.2 Inches TFT high definition all color Driver Information Display (DII) which displays a variety of information such as Honda SensingTM support, Rear Seat Reminder, Turn by Turn Navigation, fuel economy etc., all customizable from the steering wheel and in the line of sight for the driver.
- USB Ports: The All-New HR-V features 1 front USB standard for charging and 1 for the smart phone interface that are standard in all grades. It also features rear USB ports (2 ports in the EX) for charging your smart phones on the go. 
Fuel Efficient Powerful Performance
The All-New Honda HR-V offers a 1.5L engine coupled with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) engine which is uniquely tuned for enhanced power delivery, engine sound, overall refinement, and optimal fuel economy.
- Fuel Efficiency: 18.4 Km/L 
- Max Power: 119 hp @ 6600 rpm 
- Max Torque: 145Nm @ 4300 rpm
- Paddle Shifters: The All-New Honda HR-V enables a manual 7-speed change with the help of the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters which give the feeling of a sporty drive. These are available in the EX-Grade. 
Color Availability and Grades
The All-New Honda HR-V comes in three grades for the UAE market, namely DX, LX and EX in the below exterior colors and interior color: 
Exterior Colors:
- Opal White Silver Pearl
- Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic
- Meteoroid Gray Metallic
- Crystal Black Pearl
- Coffee Cherry Red Metallic
Interior Colors
- Black Fabric in DX and LX
- Black and Grayge Leather in EX

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