After Chiron, Here's A Life-Size McLaren Senna Made Of Lego

By Carprices TeamDecember 28th 2022
After Chiron, Here's A Life-Size McLaren Senna Made Of Lego
Let's face it, life-size stuff made of Lego is the new trend. We saw the Bugatti Chiron that was made of Lego circuit Ehra Lessien racetrack in Germany at 20kph and the Silverado that weighed a ton and a half with 334,544 Lego pieces. But now, the time has come for a rather big toy of McLaren's beloved Senna almost completely made of Lego.
The driver seats on the new Lego Senna has been taken from the real one along with the real steering wheel. All the details inside the car smell of accuracy such as a starter button that is mounted in the correct position above the driver's seat. Press it and then tap the real Senna accelerator for a sampled V8 rev-up.
The work gone behind it are laud-worthy too. It uses 467,854 Lego pieces and took 30 modelmakers 2,725 hours to build. This was in addition to the time taken to design and development, plus making the steel reinforcement frame. For comparison, let us tell you that a standard Senna takes about 300 hours to be assembled at the McLaren factory.
If the thought of pulling apart and building something else crossed your mind, let us tell you that the bricks are glued together for extra strength. We have been told that every section of the car can withstand about 50kg of vertical load (in case some kid tries to use it as a climbing frame).
The wheels and tyres are actual McLaren and Pirelli items, meanwhile, the brake discs and callipers behind them are Lego. Out of the half-million parts, Lego designer Lubor Zelinka (who also designed the Lego Chiron) says that he used 20,000 specially designed pieces.
The doors on this Senna does not have hinges and have to be taken off and wriggles into position, which could be a bit stressful considering they weigh 70kg each. In fact, the whole car is 1,700kg, making it surely the porkiest McLaren ever.
On a slightly more affordable note, Lego also sells a $17 Senna kit that can be assembled by you.