70 People Got Their Bugatti Chiron This Year

By Carprices TeamDecember 28th 2022
70 People Got Their Bugatti Chiron This Year
Bugatti Chiron has been in the news numerous times this year. And no matter what its rivals are doing, the Chiron is still loved and desired by many car enthusiasts (and super rich people). This year Bugatti successfully delivered 70 units of Chiron to their respective buyers across the world.
Bugatti delivered its first Chiron in March 2017. If we look at the numbers, 43 percent of the total orders for the Chiron have their origin in Europe, 26 percent comes from the region of North America and 23 percent people who placed an order belongs to the Middle East. Bugatti says that so far it has sold 300 out of the 500 limited numbers of the Chiron.
The Chiron is an engineering marvel and to build such a masterpiece requires extreme precision and patience. Just to paint a Chiron requires 3 weeks. Its chassis is assembled in 7 days. The entire takes a month to finally be ready for delivery.
We congratulate Bugatti on successfully delivering 70 and selling 300 units of the Chiron. We hope that apart from taking orders and delivering, Bugatti is also doing its homework to get back in the news, and not for getting beaten by one of its rivals, rather beating them.