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Geneva Motor Show 2019: Koenigsegg Jesko Heats Up Hypercar Wars

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You can always count on Koenigsegg to come up with mind-boggling cars that are the stuff of either dreams or virtual reality games. But the Koenigsegg Jesko is not virtual. Its specifications and technology might have you believe otherwise, but it is coming your way, really fast.

Father of Koenigsegg

Following the Agera RS concluding its production run and the limited-edition Regera signing off in 2017, Koenigsegg had to fill an empty space with a new product. Of course, you can’t just start selling any other car if your firm is reputed for mind-boggling hypercars. In comes the Koenigsegg Jesko.

The heading might make you think about Christian Von Koenigsegg, the Swedish hypercar manufacturer’s founder. But I am talking about Christian’s father. He was the inspiration for the Jesko, which is named after him. Putting its latest feat rather mildly, Koenigsegg has indeed done a fine job.


Koenigsegg made sure a lot of jaws dropped at Geneva Motor Show 2019 with the amount of technology packed in the Jesko. For starters, a thundering 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 sits inside the hypercar, producing 1,600hp when fed with E85 biofuel. Fill it up with regular fuel, and you still get 1,280hp. To sustain high boost pressure, Koenigsegg equipped the Jesko with an air tank and compressor that provide a 20-bar shot of air within the turbocharger system to remove turbo lag. Who would have thought of doing that?’

You know you are looking at a Koenigsegg when those helix doors hiss open.

The engine also features what Koenigsegg claims is the world’s lightest production V8 crankshaft. Weighing in at 12.5kg, it is milled from a single billet of Swedish Dievar steel. The company says vibrations are cancelled by active engine mounts similar to those found in the Regera. Connecting rods and pistons are also lighter.

Next up is another new transmission from Koenigsegg. It is a nine-speed gearbox with a total of seven clutches! One can’t help but wonder about the extreme ends of Koenigsegg transmission design. While the Regera had a gearless direct drive transmission, there are more clutches on Jesko than Ferrari fits in its entire lineup.

The reason for having seven clutches for a nine-speed gearbox is actually logical. Instead of going sequentially through adjacent gears like a traditional dual-clutch system, you can drop as many gears as you want straightaway and let one of the seven clutches hold the wheels in check as a new cog slots in on the drivetrain. You access this “optimal gear selection” by clicking the shift paddle with extra force. A light click will slot you into the next gear.

Contrary to expectations, this seven-clutch gearbox is significantly lighter than DCTs because it eliminates the need for synchro rings. But the Koenigsegg Jesko is not done blowing you away with its technology.

Minor tweaks, major differences

A new carbon fibre monocoque, larger in length and height than the Regera’s, unlocks more interior space. The Jesko carries over Regera’s suspension setup but has improvements made to it. Adjustable Ohlins dampers at all four ends are up to the job of keeping the car glued to tarmac. Wheels are lightweight carbon fibre units wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres. And honestly speaking, there is no missing the obscenely huge spoiler that gives the Koenigsegg Jesko an unmistakable silhouette.

This angle is where you can see the spoiler’s impressive span.

Koenigsegg claims the Jesko generates 30 percent more downforce than the stupendous One:1 at 250kph. The active spoiler helps, along with active underbody flaps, and a massive splitter. So much technology still does not weigh a lot, with the Jesko tipping the scales at 1,419kg dry. Seeing as this definitely is the standard Jesko, I can hardly wait for what Koenigsegg is calling the Jesko 300. The number is a target for the company to achieve, for it represents the car’s top speed: 300mph or 482kph.  Are you beginning to get impressed by the Koenigsegg Jesko now?

Finally, you can stow away the roof, and a five-inch colour screen mounted directly on the steering wheel serves as the instrument cluster. A nine-inch infotainment system with Bluetooth, USB, wireless phone charging and a top-view camera is standard, updated over the air regularly via Koenigsegg Cloud. If you are missing the good old analogue days, Koenigsegg satisfies you in that regard with an analogue G meter as well. Could a car be any more perfect?

Prices for Koenigsegg Jesko begin at $3 million, and only 125 will ever be built. At the time of publishing this story, 80 had already found new homes. If you have that much cash to spare and are in the market for a futuristic hypercar that has the makings of a future benchmark, hurry up and get your Jesko!

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