Ford Unveils Lighter Iteration Of The GT. Say Hello To The New Carbon Series

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Ford has introduced a new lightweight iteration of its top-selling GT sports car christened as the Carbon Series GT.

Evident from its name the new special edition GT makes extensive use of carbon fibre to save significant weight. Shedding almost 18kgs than the standard GT model, the new Carbon Series GT has ditched the conventional metal parts for carbon fibre. These parts include carbon fibre wheels, a titanium exhaust, titanium lug nuts and a polycarbonate rear hatch with additional venting.

Ford claims that its latest moniker features more visible carbon fibre than any of its previous GT model with two exposed carbon fibre stripes with matching A-pillars and lower body panels in addition to the gloss wheels.

Ford has taken the lightweight mantra inside the cabin as well. The car comes with matte carbon fibre sills, air register pods and a centre console. Ford has removed cup-holders and the driver’s side storage bins to lessen an extra couple of grams.

Other interior details on the new car include silver stitching on both the seats and the steering wheel, unique badging on the instrument panel and gearshift paddles in a silver anodised finish.

“It is yet another example of how we can bring to life our Le Mans-winning supercar in new and exciting ways so our customers can share in that magical legacy,” Hermann Salenbauch, global director of Ford Performance, said in a statement.

Earlier this month, citing ‘overwhelming’ demand from the customers, Ford ramped up its production by 350 models. The additional GTs, as per the company, will be produced in two further years.

Interested buyers of the upcoming GT supercars has been provided with a span of one month starting from November 8 to submit their applications on However, the booking is currently restricted to the markets of UK, Germany and America.

The company states that the current demand ousts the supply capacities by six-to-one and of the 1350 GTs that will now be produced around 13 per cent are bound for Europe.

The Ford GT is built with hand by vehicle specialists of Multimatic at its factory in Markham, Canada. The company has promised a delivery of 250 GTs per year to customers and initially manufactured 1000 vehicles.

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