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Peugeot UAE Cars

Peugeot is a French automotive manufacturer with a rich history dating back to 1810. The company originally began as a family-owned steel company and later diversified into producing bicycles, pepper mills, and other industrial products.


In 1889, Peugeot ventured into the automotive industry and produced its first motor vehicle, a steam tricycle. Over the years, Peugeot expanded to the field of car manufacturing and became a prominent name in the French automotive market.


In the early 20th century, Peugeot gained recognition for its successful racing endeavours, including victories at the prestigious Indianapolis 500 and the French Grand Prix. These racing achievements contributed to the brand's image as a reliable and sporty carmaker.


Throughout the decades, Peugeot continued to innovate and introduce popular models, such as the Peugeot 205 and Peugeot 504, which became best-sellers in various markets worldwide.


In 1976, Peugeot acquired Citroën, forming the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group (now known as Stellantis) and further solidifying its position as a major player in the global automotive industry.


Peugeot remains a significant European automaker, offering a diverse range of cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. The company's commitment to technology, design, and sustainability ensures Peugeot's continued presence as a respected and renowned brand in the automotive market.

Peugeot Cars July 2024 Price List in UAE

Model NamePrice List
Peugeot PartnerAED 64,890* - 67,890*
Peugeot RifterAED 77,000* - 80,000*
Peugeot 208AED 77,890* - 156,890*
Peugeot 2008AED 84,890* - 178,890*
Peugeot 3008AED 99,858* - 183,498*
Peugeot BoxerAED 105,000* - 115,000*
Peugeot 5008AED 106,998* - 142,698*
Peugeot 508AED 109,890* - 157,890*
Peugeot 408AED 124,900* - 124,900*
Peugeot ePARTNERAED 164,900* - 164,900*
Peugeot TravellerAED 165,000* - 165,000*
Peugeot e-Expert AED 209,895* - 209,895*
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2024 Peugeot e-Expert
AED 209,895*
  • EMI Starting From AED 3,725*