Audi E-Tron Will Be The First Model To Get Automated Toll Payment

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The Audi e-Tron crossover is the company’s first fully electric model, and as such comes with a host of nifty features that set it apart from other roadgoing cars. Among its repertoire of tricks is an automatic toll payment system.

Audi announced its proprietary Integrated Toll Module in February 2017 but said that the first vehicle to get it would be a 2019 model at the earliest. It looks like the first car to receive the convenient feature is the new e-Tron electric crossover that is slated for a September 17 launch.

The built-in transponder on the new Audi is housed in the inner rearview mirror with vehicle-to-infrastructure link technology provided by Gentex. E-Tron drivers can drive through fast lanes and regular lanes on select toll roads in the United States and Canada without any additional equipment. Audi asks that customers verify compatibility with local toll authorities first. The transponder can be turned on or off, or even set for high occupancy if enough people are on board.

The device can also replace more than one toll transponder for people who travel on multiple toll roads, and help drivers avoid having to manage multiple accounts for roads crossing state borders. Owners simply need to register their vehicles online via credit card.

The toll module is not the only feature the Audi e-Tron crossover boasts of. The car also comes with rearview cameras instead of mirrors. The cameras will transfer live feed to corresponding 7.0-inch OLED screens set in the doors. It is not yet known whether UAE’s regulations will allow Audi to offer the cameras here, as well as the toll module.

The Audi e-Tron will bow on September 17. It has an estimated range of more than 400km. Owners will be able to charge the crossover up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes using a 150kw fast-charging setup, which is quicker than a Tesla Supercharger.

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