Salik Road Toll System: All You Need To Know Team / Posted On - August 23rd 2022

The Arabic word Salik roughly translates to 'clear and moving' in English, which is exactly what the Dubai RTA aims at providing the commuters with. The electronic toll road system or Salik has been designed using special RFID technology that automatically deducts a fee from the tag when a toll gate is passed under.
At the outset, commuters are required to get a Salik tag. Your Traffic File Number can only be used for one Salik account and vice versa. Hence, if you have multiple vehicles registered in your name you will have just one Salik number too.

How Do I Use Salik And What Are Its Fines?

The Salik tag is a prepaid card that is stuck on the visible part of your windscreen. The RFID on Salik toll gates detects the tag at highway speeds after which a sum of AED 4 is deducted from your balance. In case if one drives under the Salik toll gate without a sticker, a grace period of 10 working days from the date and time of your first trip to purchase and install a Salik tag on your vehicle (or add the new tag to your existing Salik account, if you have already bought one) will be given. However, fail to do that and you will be faced with fines as follows:
• AED 100 for the first trip you drive through Salik toll gates (after the 10 working days grace period)
• AED 200 for the second trip (after the 10 working days grace period)
• AED 400 for each subsequent trip (after the10 working days grace period)
• All the above-mentioned violations are limited to one violation per day

How Do I Recharge My Salik?

Your Salik account can be recharged through multiple channels. Here are a few ways:
• If you have a recharge card or e-voucher you can recharge your account through 24-hr Self Service Contact Centre on 800 Salik (72545), SMS, Smart Salik App and Salik website.
• Auto top-ups through banks.
• You can recharge using your credit card through Smart Salik app or Salik website. You can use Kiosk machines and CDM (EmiratesNBD and DIB banks) to recharge by cash.
• You can also visit the Salik official website or download RTA smart apps that we discussed earlier.
Purchasing a new Salik tag will cost you AED 100. This includes AED 50 for your Salik tag and AED 50 for the prepaid toll balance that will be added to your Salik account upon tag activation. If you purchased the Tag online, there will be an additional 20 AED for delivery charges.

How Can I Avail Salik Exemptions?

Only vehicles registered as military, police, ambulances, school and college buses, RTA public buses and the disabled are exempted. RTA categorises disability as mental disabilities, physical disabilities, autism and visual disabilities.

Do I Get Exemption If I Pass Three Toll Gates In One Trip?

In this case, you are required to pay the fees of two crossings. For instance, the first time at Al-Garhood and the other while crossing Al Safa and Al Barsha on Sheikh Zayed road within one hour. The customer will be charged once for each direction. You are required to settle the fees at the Safa gate and Al Barsha gate only once at one gate in case of passing within one hour in the same direction
It should be noted that the new Salik gate on Ittihad road and Al Mamzar gate are actually two gates on each side of the road and are very close to each other. The customer is required to settle the fees only once at 1 gate in case of passing within one hour in the same direction.

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