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Celebrating 50 years, the 2024 Volkswagen Golf combines efficiency, advanced tech, and innovation with an evolved design, illuminated badges, intuitive infotainment, voice assistant, and plug-in hybrid drives. A symbol of affordability and technical excellence, setting automotive standards.


In the dynamic world of automotive innovation, few names resonate as strongly as Volkswagen's Golf. As the iconic model mark the 50th anniversary, Volkswagen unveils the latest 2024 evolution of its bestseller, promising a blend of efficiency, comfort, and cutting-edge technology that exemplifies the core values the Golf has stood for over the decades.

Illuminating Legacy: The New Volkswagen Golf

1. Evolutionary Design

The 50-year journey of the Golf as a vehicle is a testament to its role as a pioneer in affordable, high-tech mobility. Thomas Schäfer, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, emphasizes the Golf's legacy as the epitome of affordable mobility at the highest technical level. The revamped attractive design, with a sharper front and rear section, introduces the illuminated VW badge for the first time in the Golf's history.

2. Redefined Front and Rear Sections

The next-generation facelifted Golf and Golf Variant features a redesigned front section, boasting the illuminated VW logo and newly designed LED headlights, including the high-performance "IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights." The 3D LED taillights add a distinctive touch to both body versions.

Infotainment Revolution: Inside the New Volkswagen Golf

1. Intuitive Infotainment System

The interior of the new Golf introduces a revolutionary infotainment system with a user-friendly touchscreen, up to 12.9-inch in size. Ergonomically optimized and illuminated touch sliders for temperature and volume control enhance the overall user experience.

2. Voice Assistant IDA and ChatGPT Integration

The new Golf embraces a further developed multifunction steering wheel and the voice assistant IDA, enabling natural language control for various functions. Adding an innovative and intelligent, the artificial intelligence-based chatbot "ChatGPT" seamlessly integrates into IDA, allowing occupants to interact with the car using conversational language.

Driving into the Future: Advanced Assistance Systems

1. Enhanced Parking Solutions

New assistance systems, including the "Park Assist Plus," make maneuvering the Golf and Golf Variant more accessible. "Park Assist Pro" takes it a step further, enabling parking and exiting using a smartphone. The 360-degree all-round view, facilitated by four cameras, enhances visibility for precise parking.

2. Extended Drive Range

The new Golf introduces plug-in hybrid drives with a remarkable electric range of around 100 kilometers, catering to environmentally conscious drivers. The addition of a DC fast charging function enhances practicality. Nine different variants, including mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, turbo petrol, and turbo diesel drives, provide a range of engine and powertrain choices for diverse preferences.

Celebrating a Legacy: 50 Years of Golf Excellence

1. A Journey Through Generations

The Golf's impact on the automotive landscape began in 1974, marking a shift from rear-engine and rear-drive to front-engine and front-drive. Over seven generations, the Golf continually evolved, incorporating technologies like the controlled catalytic converter, efficient drives, and pioneering safety features.

2. Adapting to Changing Times

As comfort, quality, and innovative assistance systems took center stage, the Golf became a high-tech compact class, winning numerous awards globally. With over 37 million Golfs sold across eight generations, it remains a solid pillar for the Volkswagen brand.


As the new facelifted Golf celebrates its 50th birthday at its world premiere, the latest evolutionary stage reaffirms its status as a symbol of affordable mobility and technical excellence. The new Golf combines efficiency, comfort, and a forward-thinking operating concept. Whether it's the enhanced infotainment, advanced assistance systems, or the environmentally conscious plug-in hybrid drives, the Golf continues to set the standard for high-quality automotive innovation.

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