2021 Toyota Supra GR Review | Better Than The Previous Generation?

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
2021 Toyota Supra GR Review | Better Than The Previous Generation?

Welcome to the 2021 Toyota Supra GR. In the detailed review, I answer if this version of the 2021 Supra is better than the previous generation.


The particular model specification that I reviewed was the 2021 Toyota Supra GR Blue edition. It comes in blue colour with black side decals on it and black and blue leather interiors. The GR version which is the Gazoo Racing version of the Supra has a few elements changed from the car it is based on which is the 2021 BMW Z4.

The Toyota Supra shares a lot of its components with the BMW Z4 like the chassis, engine and drivetrain, interiors and suspension components. The new Supra comes with a 3.0-litre, 6-cylinder, inline, twin-turbocharged petrol engine that produces 382 bhp and 500 Nm of torque. It comes with an 8-speed automatic gearbox driving the rear wheels. This is the 5th generation of the Toyota Supra which is the mk5 Supra.

The Supra has an 8.8 infotainment system and comes with a 12-speaker JBL surround sound system. There is also wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It comes with a heads up display (HUD). The new Supra is a well proportioned and voluptuous sports car at a reasonable price.