Traffic Violations In The UAE: Your Questions Answered Team / Posted On - August 23rd 2022

One of the certainties of living in the UAE is to prepare for brutally stringent traffic norms. Let alone violating rules while driving, it is a set of tedious processes and difficult tests to get your own driving licence in the first place. Ahead of this, we reported a comprehensive list of all violations and their fines in the UAE. Now we answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to the same.

How do I access the violations registered on my vehicle?

In order to access the violations registered on your vehicle, you need to log on to the “Inquiry and Payment of Traffic Fines” service. A “Print a list of violations” button will display the list on the screen and the same file will be sent to your registered email address. This can be availed once you provide your plate details, TC number, License details and ticket details.

In what ways can I pay my fines?

Dubai Police and RTA have heavily simplified the payment of traffic fines. Most of this includes digital gateways that conclude the entire process in a few minutes. Here are a few ways you can pay your traffic fines:
a) Dubai Police Website.
b) Dubai Police App.
c) Dubai Smart Government mPay app.
d) Dubai RTA website.
e) Dubai Traffic Police helpline: 901

How much does it cost to get the list of violations registered on your vehicle?

The aforementioned service does not incur fees. However, if the request is made from any of the service locations, a due fee of AED 5 per vehicle is charged.

How to dispute traffic fines in UAE?

You can directly apply through the e SERVICE (Request for Modifying of Traffic Violations) or visit Deira or Bur Dubai Traffic Department.

What if I did not receive confirmation after Traffic System cleared the payment on the Internet, mPay, smartphone or ENBD?

Customers can call the aforementioned helpline 901 to check their transaction details and provide the Driving License number, Vehicle Plate number or Traffic File number.

What are black points and how are they calculated?

Alongside the regular fines system, the Dubai Police has also included black points system to combat reckless and unsafe driving. Each violation has been allotted a specific number of black points that will be added to your vehicle's plate. For instance, if a child below 13 years of age is allowed to sit in the front seat, a fine of AED 100 will be applicable along with four black points.

If you incur more than 24 black points, you may be banned from driving a vehicle for a year. Black points are charged for parking fines, driving recklessly, speeding, non-renewal of vehicle registration etc.

Can I obtain a radar snapshot? If so then where?

Yes, you can obtain the radar snapshot from the General Department of Traffic, Violation Section for a fee of AED 30.

Can I amend my registration data?

Yes, you can. Once you log into your account, clicking on “User Data” can let you amend your data.

What are the kinds of parking permits in Dubai?

There are 6 types of parking permits:

1. Permit for people with permanent disability: This permit does not require a medical report if the customer has a special needs card.
2. Permit for people with temporary disability.
3. Permit for elderly people: This permit does not require a medical report.
4. Permit for people with chronic diseases: This permit is specialized for people who periodically visit a hospital. The customer must wait five days to receive the approval of the medical committee on the presented medical report. The customer must also have a registered vehicle in Dubai or proof of residence or work.
5. Special permits for schools, companies and taxis (people with disabilities): There is no need for a medical report.
6. Special permit for tourists valid for 3 months: The customer must present the special needs card issued in the country of origin in Arabic and English or must present a medical report.

Which apps can I use to pay my parking fares?

You can download and install RTA Dubai App or Drivers and Vehicles App to pay your parking fares. Both these apps are available on Android Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

What are the branches to pay the fines in Dubai?

1. Registration Qusais.
2. Al Barsha Registration.
3. Aweer Registration.
4. Hatta Registration.
5. Jebel Ali Registration.
6. Warsan Registration.
7. Shamel Nad Al Hamar.
8. Shamel Al.
9. Shamel Muhaisna.
10. Union cooperative Al Safa only RTA fines (Parking fines and Salik fines)
11. Licensing Department Deira
12. The unified Al Tawar Center:  Karama Municipality Center

What are the categories of parking fines?

Category 1:      Non-payment of fees or failure to but the ticket (AED 150).
Category 2:     Parking longer than a specified period in the ticket (AED 100).
Category 3:     Exceeded the maximum parking for more than three hours (some positions are not allowed to stand for more than two hours) (AED 100).
Category 4:     Parking in the wrong way or illegal parking Like In sand location AED 200/-.

What is Salik?

Salik is an electronic road toll system in Dubai based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Motorists are required to pay AED 100 to buy a prepaid card that is stuck to their windscreens. For each toll gate that the motorist passes a sum of AED 4 is deducted from the card.

What are the types of Salik violations?

There are three types of Salik violations:

Unregistered Plate Violations (URP): This fine is registered when the customer passes through a Salik gate without registering a Salik tag on the vehicle and without applying for registering the plate within 10 working days after the toll trip.

First violation: 100 AED on the first day if the customer passes without a registered plate (maximum one violation per day).
Second violation: 200 AED the second day if the customer passes without a registered plate.

Third violation: 400 AED the third day if the customer passes without a registered plate 400 AED for any violation after the third URP violation.

Insufficient Funds Violation (ISF): This fine is registered when the customer passes through a Salik gate with insufficient funds in the Salik account to cover the fee and without recharging the account 5 days after the trip.

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