To Deliver Sustainable Transportation Solutions To The Villages In Yemen, Fuse EV Conversions Collaborated With ITDC Team / Posted On - December 2nd 2023

FUSE EV Conversions and ITDC collaborate to transform rural Yemeni transportation. Retrofitting Toyota Hilux with smart powertrain kits addresses fuel issues, cutting 11.2MT of CO2 annually. Cost-effective measures and Q4 field tests enhance viability.


The FUSE EV Conversions is a startup specializing in electric powertrain solutions, has united forces with the International Training Development Center (ITDC) to revolutionize transportation in Yemen's rural communities. This ambitious venture aims to introduce environmentally friendly solutions by retrofitting existing vehicles, particularly the 6th generation dual cab Toyota Hilux, with a smart IoT-enabled powertrain kit.

Addressing Yemen's Unique Challenges

Yemen, a nation facing challenges in its traditional energy supply chain, has struggled with transportation in its rural areas. With disruptions in petrol and diesel supply chains affecting around 18.3 million of Yemen's village populations, there's an urgent need for innovative solutions. FUSE EV Conversions, in collaboration with ITDC, is set to fill this void.

ITDC's Pioneering Approach to Alternative Energy

Since March 2014, ITDC has been at the forefront of developing alternative energy solutions and services tailored to the unique needs of the rural population living in Yemen. While progress has been made in areas like cooking, water access, and electricity, transportation has remained a persistent challenge. In a strategic move in 2022, ITDC shifted its focus to electric vehicles (EVs) using a solar PV charging infrastructure.

FUSE EV Conversions' Tailored Solution

Rather than relying on costly imports of fully manufactured EVs, ITDC partnered with FUSE EV Conversions, a decision driven by the need for a solution specific to Yemen's rural landscape. Through exhaustive surveys and community focus groups, the Toyota Hilux emerged as the ideal candidate for conversion. These conversions not only address fuel supply chain issues but also contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions.


Environmental Impact of EV Conversions

Each FUSE EV conversion has a substantial environmental impact, pulling one fossil fuel-driven vehicle off the road. This translates to preventing 11.2MT of CO2 emissions per year, marking a significant stride toward a greener and more sustainable future for Yemen.

Cost-Effective Strategies for Mass Adoption

ITDC's strategy of utilizing pre-fabricated kits, expertly designed by FUSE, aims to cut down costs significantly. This approach also simplifies the importation and customs process. By training local mechanics to perform these conversions, the collaboration ensures top-notch quality while simultaneously boosting the local economy.

Field Tests and Community Engagement

Scheduled for Q4 of this year, field tests will provide Yemeni communities with a firsthand experience of these converted EVs. Feedback from these trials will be pivotal in refining the production design, ensuring that the solutions meet the specific needs and expectations of the local population.

Mihai Stumbea's Perspective

Mihai Stumbea, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of FUSE, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with ITDC. Stumbea stated, "We are ecstatic about this partnership with ITDC. Our shared vision of a sustainable, economically viable transportation solution for Yemen's villages is finally coming to fruition. By converting existing vehicles, we're not only addressing the immediate mobility needs but also paving the way for a greener future."



In conclusion, the collaboration between FUSE EV Conversions and ITDC represents a crucial step towards transforming and trying to improve the transportation landscape in rural Yemen. By harnessing the power of electric mobility, these initiatives aim not only to overcome current challenges but also to set the stage for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. With field tests on the horizon, the impact of this collaboration is poised to be felt on both a local and global scale.


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