The Rhino Racing RR01 | A V10 Powered Kit Car Which Costs Similar to a Sportscar Team / Posted On - January 2nd 2024

Rhino Racing's RR01, born from Lithuanian sailors' passion for cars, redefines the kit car scene. It seamlessly combines affordability and excellence for a thrilling, secure driving experience, showcasing precision engineering on the open road.

Unveiling Rhino Racing's Origin and Vision

In the heart of Lithuania, a group of passionate sailors found a common ground beyond the seas – their love for cars. Recognizing a void in the racing car market, they embarked on a journey that would lead to the birth of Rhino Racing. This dynamic company is not just creating kit cars; it's reshaping the entire industry, allowing enthusiasts to build their own high-performance vehicles from the ground up.

Introducing RR01: A Marvel of Engineering and Design

Rhino Racing's flagship, the RR01, is not just a car; it's an experience. Crafted for exhilarating races yet suitable for weekend adventures, the RR01 boasts a lightweight build, a powerful engine, and superior downforce. The perfect choice for those who savor the joy of driving.


Unparalleled Interior Comfort and Safety

The interior of the RR01 prototype seamlessly blends comfort and racing features. From Alcantara details to carbon fiber trim, every element exudes sophistication. Safety takes center stage with a custom steering wheel, a 6-point roll cage, Tillet racing seats, and a Sabelt safety harness. Entertainment and navigation are seamlessly integrated through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the head unit, controlled by a custom rotary controller.

Cutting-edge chassis and Body

The RR01's foundation is a 6061T6 class aluminum alloy chassis with a built-in roll bar, ensuring the utmost protection for the driver. The GFRP body with unidirectional reinforcement is not just about endurance; it's a masterpiece in aesthetics. Gullwing doors, flat aero floors with a rear diffuser, and a T6 aluminum welded monocoque chassis contribute to a thrilling and secure driving experience.


Unveiling the Power Within Technical Specifications

Powertrain Prowess

Under the hood, the RR01 houses a fully rebuilt Audi 5.2 V10 engine with an Audi R8 intake manifold. Paired with a new custom 6-speed, race-tested sequential gearbox, a custom lightweight billet single mass flywheel, and a Motorsport ECU unit, it's a powerhouse on wheels. The limited slip differential and MME Motorsport pneumatic shifting kit further elevate the driving experience.

Body and Chassis Excellence

The RR01's high-quality GFRP body with inner rigidity frame reinforcements, modular front and rear suspension structures, and a fully welded roll cage in 45mm 25CrMo4 showcase its commitment to both safety and performance. The dimensions, including the 84 L fuel capacity and a curb weight of 1150 kg, are meticulously engineered for optimal balance and control.


Precision Handling and Braking

The RR01 is not just about speed; it's about control. With electric, power-assisted steering and a 2.25 turns lock-to-lock steering rack, precision handling is guaranteed. Front and rear 6-piston AP Racing racing brakes with 362mm ventilated discs ensure rapid and controlled stops. The fully adjustable, independent, double wishbone suspension with pushrods and 3-way adjustable Nitron R3 racing dampers further solidify its dominance on the track.

Wheels and Tires for Maximum Traction

The RR01 rides on front R19 9.5j alloy wheels with Toyo Proxes tires and rear R19 11j alloy wheels with the same high-performance rubber. This combination ensures maximum traction, translating power to the pavement with confidence.


Unveiling the Beast: Dimensions and Pricing

Dimensions for Dominance

The RR01's dimensions are finely tuned for optimum performance – from its 4310 mm length to the 2540 mm wheelbase. With a curb weight of 1150 kg and weight distribution of 60% rear and 40% front, it's a finely balanced beast on the road.

Affordable Excellence

Rhino Racing believes in making dreams accessible. The RR01, starting at just 35,000€ or AED 1,63,667 which is almost similar to the price of a sportscar like the BMW M2, brings the thrill of racing within reach of passionate drivers.



In conclusion, Rhino Racing has emerged as a game-changer in the kit car industry. The RR01 is not just a vehicle; it's a testament to precision engineering, innovative design, and the thrill of the open road. Whether you seek the rush of the racetrack or the joy of a weekend drive, Rhino Racing delivers an experience like no other.



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