The Collectors' Workshop: A Tale Of Time-Laden Classic Cars Restored To Perfection

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
The Collectors' Workshop: A Tale Of Time-Laden Classic Cars Restored To Perfection
Vijay Pillai sowed his seeds of passion for classic cars during his childhood. As a son of an army soldier in India, Pillai's father bought surplus vehicles which he helped him to restore and sell. However, it was the classic cars that passed by his house back then that lead to The Collectors' Workshop in Dubai today.

Tracing The Collectors' Workshop

“Like heirlooms, a classic car doesn't belong to any individual. We are custodians who enjoy and maintain them for future generations” says Pillai. The dream continued to pave path after Pillai along with a business partner decided to buy Dubai's Max Garage in 1992 with a dream to make it the city's premier car repair business.
The 1968 Porsche 912 that arrived at TCW was bought in the USA and sent over to Dubai for specialist resto-modification. (Credit: Martin Alva)
Gradually, Max Garage pinned itself on the map and developed a reputation for high quality mechanical and body repairs, making it the one-stop destination for European luxury cars in the UAE. As many of these owners also collected classic cars, Pillai was often asked about taking on longer-term restoration work and from there the classic car passion was reignited.
In 2017, Vijay Pillai began The Collector's Workshop, a place where enthusiasts could meet in a relaxed lounge-style environment while their cars can be tended to for anything from long-term storage to full body-off Concours-level restorations.

Service And Restoration Of Cars

Restoring a classic takes more than just skill. For the uninitiated, it is a common ground where experience, skill and passion, meet together. While all that most classic restorers might do is to fix-up your car and make it driveable, professionals at the TCW ensures everything is restored to period-correct condition and is done the right way. This, as they say, is not quickest way.
Apart from restoring the pride in an owner for owning a classic, the craftsmen at TCW assesses damage and reconstructs it perfectly as the maker intended. An aged moniker requires the necessary attention and should not be treated as any of the iterations seen today, hence, TCW is a one-stop solution for advice on likely issues about summer or mileage or fatigue.
Nothing makes your classic more appealing than the minute attention paid to details. The icing on the cake, as they say, is as important as the cake itself. Hence, at TCW, you can expect an era-appropriate detailing that dates back to the glorious days of your classic.
Apart from repairing, servicing and detailing. The Collectors' Workshop understands the agony that classics go through during summers. Hence, they also offer a clean, indoor, secure environment for your prized possession that is available to use anytime.
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