The All-New MG Whale SUV Coupe Arrives In The Middle East Team / Posted On - January 8th 2024

MG's 2024 Whale SUV Coupe is a bold entry reshaping the Middle East's auto landscape. Beyond style and tech, it reflects MG's commitment to innovation. Priced at USD 23,700, om Lee underscores its significance in delivering value-packed SUVs tailored to regional demands, making it a compelling contender in the mid-size SUV market.

Unleashing the MG Whale: A New Chapter in Automotive Excellence

In a bold stride into 2024, MG, the distinguished British-born automotive brand, is set to redefine the automotive landscape in the Middle East with the launch of its all-new MG Whale SUV Coupe. This sporty mid-size SUV is meticulously crafted to resonate with the dynamic lifestyle of younger buyers, ambitious professionals, and families dwelling in urban environments. As we explore the details of this futuristic marvel, it becomes evident that the MG Whale is more than just a vehicle; it's a statement of style, technology, and adventure.

Embodying Youthful Spirit: Design Features

The MG Whale stands out with its daring coupe-like silhouette, capturing the essence of playfulness, intelligence, and grace. Noteworthy features include the signature front grille and Baleen daytime running lamps, reflecting the brand's commitment to embodying marine-inspired details. Whale-fin door mirrors, a Whale-tail spoiler, and gearshift further enhance the distinct aesthetic. The SUV's visual appeal is heightened with a two-tone glossy black roof, matte gold bumper accents, chrome dual exhaust pipes, and stylish 19-inch alloy wheels, asserting its stylistic dominance over competitors.

Luxurious Interiors: A Symphony of Comfort and Technology

Step inside the MG Whale, and you'll find a well-laid-out, premium-quality cabin designed to elevate daily commutes and long journeys. Electric seat adjustments with memory seats, dual-zone air conditioning, and a power-operated panoramic sunroof ensure a quiet, hassle-free, and comfortable driving experience. Passengers are treated to entertainment and connectivity with a 9-speaker BOSE sound system, 256-color ambient lighting setup, and seamlessly integrated dual 12.3-inch Curved Panoramic Screen.

Safety Redefined: A Fortress on Wheels

Safety takes center stage with the MG Whale, featuring an HD 360° surround view system and a comprehensive array of active and passive safety features. Electronic aids contribute to incident-free journeys, while the high-strength chassis structure ensures maximum protection and a dynamic advantage. MG Whale is not just a vehicle; it's a commitment to passenger safety.

Power and Efficiency: Under the Hood

The sleek SUV Coupe is powered by a robust 2.0L turbocharged engine, generating 231 HP and 370 Nm torque. Paired with a reliable 8-speed automatic gearbox, the forced-induction motor efficiently transports five passengers and their luggage. The low-displacement configuration, coupled with the modern transmission, minimizes fuel consumption, striking a balance between power and efficiency.

A Visionary's Choice: MG's Middle East Operations

Tom Lee, Managing Director of MG Motor’s Middle East operations, underscores the significance of the MG Whale in the brand's campaign to deliver value-packed SUVs. The emotive design language, inspired by the whale, reflects power and grace in its lines. The MG Whale offers an exceptional list of comfort options within an affordable package, perfectly tailored to meet the demands and needs of customers in the Middle East.

Affordable Elegance: Pricing and Warranty

Starting at an attractive USD 23,700 (excluding taxes), the MG Whale positions itself as a compelling choice in the mid-size SUV market. Prices for specific markets will be announced shortly. Additionally, all-new MG Whale models benefit from the brand's acclaimed six-year/200,000 km warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and a testament to MG's commitment to quality and reliability.


In conclusion, the all-new MG Whale SUV Coupe is not just a vehicle; it's a testament to MG's commitment to delivering exceptional quality, style, and innovation. With a futuristic design, advanced technology, and a focus on safety and efficiency, the MG Whale emerges as a formidable contender in the competitive mid-size SUV segment. As MG continues to make waves in the automotive industry, the Whale stands as a symbol of the brand's dedication to progressive design, self-expression, and delivering outstanding value to customers in the Middle East.



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