Porsche Claims Taycan Will Have Lower Center Of Gravity Than The 911

By Carprices TeamDecember 28th 2022
Porsche Claims Taycan Will Have Lower Center Of Gravity Than The 911
Since it was unveiled earlier this year, Porsche's ambitious upcoming electric iteration, Taycan has garnered plenty of attention. And while we are head over heels for the upcoming car, latest speculations could be a hint at what the car will bring to the table against current EV dominators, Tesla.
Talking to German outlet Firmen Auto, Porsche Taycan project boss Stefan Weckbach insisted that the upcoming electric moniker will be at Porsche at heart because of the attention paid to how it handles.
"The Taycan drives like a Porsche looks like one and feels so—except that he just has another drive. Even an electric sports car can be purist and highly emotional," Weckbach said.
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Porsche's Taycan will take on EV market's current flame, Tesla's Model 3 and Model S P100D, two of the leading electric vehicles on the market. In July, Porsche had unveiled its plans of building the Taycan on an 800-watt drivetrain that powers a permanent magnet electric motor on each axle. On the other hand, Tesla uses a permanent magnet rear motor and an AC induction front motor.

The range factor

A Bloomberg report citing latest developments in the shed of Taycan suggested that the car will be capable of delivering close to 400km of range after charging the vehicle for less than 20 minutes. This would be possible with the help of a new 800-volt electricity supply system. The German manufacturer is expected to share the Taycan's platform with one of Volkswagen's iterations. By far, we know that the upcoming Audi Sports e-Tron GT concept will be the rightful owner of the crown. Porsche will reportedly take responsibility for VW AG's premium brands in January of 2019, giving it control of Bugatti, Bentley, and Lamborghini.
"This is not a contradiction for us. The underbody battery, for example, gives the car an extremely low centre of gravity, it is even lower than the 911. In combination with an optimal weight distribution, the Taycan is therefore already very sporty created by the basic concept ." Said Weckbach.