UAE Announces Petrol And Diesel Prices For September 2023 | Latest Fuel Prices Team / Posted On - September 1st 2023

UAE Fuel Price Committee announces Petrol and Diesel Prices for the month of September 2023.


Welcome to CarPrices, we are your reliable source for the latest news and updates on the automotive scenario in the Emirates. On Thursday, August 31, UAE announced petrol and diesel prices for the month of September 2023. We will also analyze recent price changes and compare them with the previous two months to shed light on how these fluctuations impact your driving expenses.




UAE Petrol and Diesel Prices for September 2023

The latest oil prices have been announced and have come into effect across the country. The per-litre diesel and petrol price in the UAE for September 2023 is as follows:

Petrol and Diesel Prices for September

EPlus 91AED 3.23 /litre
Special 95AED 3.31 /litre
Super 98AED 3.42 /litre
DieselAED 3.40 /litre


These prices will remain in effect from September 1 until the end of the month, prices for October will be released next month. The Oil prices are announced at the start of every month in the Emirates. The prices will be similar around different fuel stations across the country including bigger cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras al Khaimah.



Petrol and Diesel prices in UAE for the last three months: July to September 2023


Let's have a closer look at the earlier per-litre oil cost and changes over the past three months:

Fuel TypeJuly 2023August 2023September 2023
EPlus 91AED 2.81AED 2.81AED 3.23
Special 95AED 2.89AED 2.89AED 3.31
Super 98AED 3.00AED 3.00AED 3.42
DieselAED 2.76AED 2.76AED 3.40




Petrol saw an increase of AED 0.28 per litre while Diesel now costs AED 0.45 higher as compared to the month of August.

1. E-Plus 91 petrol is now priced at AED 3.23 a litre, compared to AED 2.95 in August.

2. Special 95 now sells at AED 3.31 per litre, in comparison to AED 3.02 last month.

3. Super 98 petrol will cost AED 3.42 per litre, as compared to AED 3.14 a litre in August.

4. Diesel will sold at AED 3.40 a litre, an increase from the AED 2.95 per litre the previous month.


As you can observe, there has been a gradual growth in fuel prices over the previous months. This month, we can see a noticeable rise in prices compared to July and August. These fluctuations directly impact your driving costs and contribute to the overall cost of vehicle ownership, and transportation of goods, which eventually results in inflation of goods prices.



How the latest Fueling Cost and Per-Kilometer Expenses

Filling a full tank can cost you between 60 dirhams to 180 dirhams, depending on your vehicle type and the fuel you choose. We advise you to select the right fuel type and optimise your car's fuel efficiency. It's worth noting that the per-kilometre running cost of your car or motorcycle also have increased due to the recent price hikes.



Crude Oil Rate Control Mechanism in the UAE

The UAE's Fuel Price Committee plays a crucial role in determining the per-litre price of fuel. This committee evaluates various factors, including global gas prices, supply and demand dynamics, and economic considerations, to arrive at the monthly diesel and petrol price adjustments.



UAE Fuel Price Committee

Before 2015, the Fuel Price Committee heavily subsidized oil prices, ensuring stability and protection from global fluctuations. However, UAE liberalised petrol prices in 2015, September, aligning them with international oil market trends. This move brought more transparency and responsiveness to the local fuel market but has resulted in increased prices.



What to Expect in the Coming Months

Given the dynamic nature of the oil market and various geopolitical factors, it's reasonable to expect further changes in the fuel rates in the upcoming months. Staying informed about these changes will help you make informed decisions regarding your driving habits, car usage and travel plans.


Having knowledge about the present fuel rates and patterns in the UAE is crucial for everyone. With the fluctuations in the price of petrol and diesel in recent times, it is important to take these variations into account when calculating your travel expenses.

To obtain the most precise and up-to-date updates on petrol prices, You can count on as your main source. Stay connected for the most recent details as we strive to keep you well informed about the latest happenings in the automotive landscape of UAE and around the world. 





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