Kia EV5 Concept All-Electric SUV Revealed Globally Team / Posted On - March 22nd 2023

Kia motors revealed the 'Concept EV5' all-electric SUV concept in China at the brand's Chinese EV day event. The concept SUV gets a bold, futuristic and sleek design outside and has a minimalistic cabin with swivel seats, a large horizontal screen and a steering wheel.
The Concept EV5 offers a sneak peek of an upcoming electric SUV model that will go on sale in China later this year. It also signifies a new design era for Kia and provides an interesting glimpse into the visual style that the brand's future electric models will adopt.

Exterior details of the new Kia Concept EV5 SUV

The Kia EV5 Concept's design philosophy is centred around the brand's "Opposites United" design philosophy, which celebrates the creative tension formed from the fusion of contrasting visual elements of nature and modernity. The "Bold for Nature" aspect of the philosophy has played a significant role in shaping the design and posture of Concept EV5.
The Concept EV5's identity as a Kia vehicle is unmistakable. The front of the car features a new version of the Digital Tiger Face design, which pays tribute to the iconic Kia Tiger Nose grille in a subtle way. This bold new design is complemented by Kia's Star Map signature lighting technology, which creates a constellation-like pattern that connects stars on a clean front face.
The Concept EV5 features sleek, futuristic patterns created by the digital lighting that runs down the side of the vehicle. The vehicle carries sculpted lines, square fenders, and a strong stance on the outside, which is enhanced by the Iceberg matte green paintwork that draws inspiration from nature's striking hues. The concept car rides on 21-inch wheels and an aerodynamic roof spoiler, which gives it a striking appearance.

Interior details of the all-electric Kia EV5 Concept SUV

Kia's Concept EV5 design draws inspiration from nature, and the SUV comes equipped with user-friendly features that allow passengers to fully engage with and appreciate the outdoors. Inside, the flat floor and generous cabin space create a harmonious environment where nature, people, and technology can coexist. The calm and pure interior colour scheme enhances the experience, while the expansive panoramic display offers a wide range of content for occupants to enjoy.
The fully electric Concept EV5 comes with a design that blurs the boundaries between outdoor and indoor spaces. Its swivel seats enable occupants to enjoy uninterrupted views of the scenery around them, while the wide, full-length panoramic sunroof, also acts as a solar panel and the SUV's advanced lighting technology can be adjusted to reflect the occupants' moods and preferences.
Kia says that the Concept EV5's cabin features a variety of sustainable materials, such as plant-based materials like seaweed extract and upcycled PET bottles on the seats, doors, dashboard, and headliner. This eco-friendly approach sets a new standard for sustainability, as animal leather is not used.

Debut of the Kia Concept EV5 production version

The production model of the EV5 will be released Chinese market later this year. Details regarding any future plans for the other global markets will be made in due course.

A word from Kia Officials

Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia Corporation said, “It is my great privilege to proudly announce that Kia is entering the EV market in China. The Kia Concept EV5 marks yet another definitive step on our mission to become a leader in sustainable mobility solutions to provide a better future for all. Kia will enrich our customers’ lifestyles and enable them to pursue personal adventures by setting fresh standards for dynamic and efficient electric driving.”
Karim Habib, Executive Vice President, and Head of Kia Global Design Center explained, “The Kia Concept EV5 takes influence from the contrast and complementarity of natural landscapes and man-made architecture. It is designed to inspire our customers on every journey while providing sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions. Created for those who seek inventive new ideas, the SUV brings together emotional form language with innovative, user-focused interior architecture,”

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