Hyundai And Amazon Partner To Deliver Innovative Customer Experience And Cloud Transformation Team / Posted On - November 21st 2023

Amazon and Hyundai unveil a transformative partnership at the 2023 LA Auto Show. Hyundai pioneers direct online car sales on Amazon in 2024, selects AWS for digital transformation, and introduces Alexa Built-in for 2025 vehicles. This groundbreaking collaboration reshapes automotive retail, digital transformation, and in-vehicle technology.


The disruptive announcement at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show about Hyundai and Amazon partnering to deliver innovative customer experience and cloud transformation is set to redefine the automotive and technology landscape. This strategic collaboration, highlighted by Amazon CEO Andy Jassy and President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company, Jaehoon (Jay) Chang, promises to bring innovative experiences to customers. This article delves into the transformative aspects of this partnership, spanning online vehicle sales, cloud transformation, and cutting-edge in-vehicle solutions.

Hyundai Vehicles Hit the Digital Shelves of Amazon

A New Era in Auto Retail: 2024

In a move set to revolutionize the way we purchase vehicles, Hyundai Motor Company will pioneer the sale of its cars on Amazon's U.S. platform in 2024. Dealers will have the unprecedented opportunity to showcase Hyundai vehicles, marking the first time auto dealers can sell cars directly on Amazon. This shift will allow customers to select, and customize their vehicles making it more convenient for customers to find and buy their vehicles of choice on The integration of this digital shopping experience within the trusted Amazon ecosystem enhances convenience, making it a win-win for both customers and local dealers.




Cloud Transformation Accelerated with AWS

Hyundai Chooses AWS as Its Cloud Partner

Hyundai's commitment to digital transformation is underscored by its selection of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider. In a multi-year agreement, Hyundai will harness AWS's industry-leading capabilities, spanning computing, storage, database management, analytics, generative AI, and IoT. This strategic move aims to make Hyundai a data-driven organization with a cloud-first technology strategy. By migrating on-premises applications to AWS, Hyundai prioritizes key business cases, including manufacturing and supply chain optimization, security and disaster recovery, and the development of connected vehicles. A notable aspect of this collaboration is the implementation of a specialized training program—Master Builder—to equip Hyundai engineers with critical cloud skills, ensuring a smooth transition to AWS.




Alexa Built-in: Redefining In-Vehicle Experience

Elevating Driving Experiences: 2025 Onward

Starting in 2025, Hyundai's next-generation vehicles will boast an unparalleled Alexa Built-in experience. This hands-free integration allows drivers to seamlessly access the convenience of Alexa's voice-controlled functionalities while on the road. From playing music and podcasts to setting reminders and managing to-do lists, Hyundai drivers can enjoy a connected experience similar to their smart homes. The integration extends beyond entertainment, enabling drivers to control their smart homes remotely, ensuring the house is comfortable upon their return, and managing smart lighting and routines. The collaboration also ensures that Alexa features remain accessible even in areas with intermittent or no internet connectivity, marking a significant leap in in-vehicle technology.





In summary, the partnership between Amazon and Hyundai marks a pivotal moment in the automotive and technology sectors. From the digitization of car sales on Amazon's platform to Hyundai's commitment to AWS for cloud transformation and the integration of Built-in Alexa in Hyundai vehicles for enhanced in-vehicle experiences, the collaboration promises a future where innovation and customer-centric solutions take center stage. As these industry giants join forces, the landscape of automotive retail, digital transformation, and in-vehicle technology is set for the future of smart mobility and revolutionary evolution.



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