First BMW M5 Competition Gets The AC Schnitzer Treatment

By Carprices TeamDecember 13th 2022
First BMW M5 Competition Gets The AC Schnitzer Treatment
When automobile tuning specialists AC Schnitzer get their hands on a fast car, you know they are going to dial the car's potential up to eleven. The latest car to go under their scalpel is the 2019 BMW M5 Competition.
And it is not your plain old go-fast saloon. This particular Beemer is the first M5 Competition in the world and calls Abu Dhabi Motors BMW its home. Why did someone go to these lengths to make an already fast car (which the manufacturer itself sells a faster version of) faster?

What does the AC Schnitzer M5 offer the Competition doesn't?

Well, if you happen to be a high-powered corporate personality who wants to cross continents in style and speed to arrive at high-powered business meetings, the M5 Competition is the car for you. If you absolutely have to be the first one to arrive at such meetings, the AC Schnitzer-tuned M5 Competition is the one to go for.
In stock guise, the BMW M5 makes 600hp and 750Nm from a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 motor. The figures help it post 100kph on the dash in 3.2 seconds, with 200kph coming up in 10.8 seconds. And that's without the upgrades.
The M5 Competition offers 17 more horses, stiffer suspension, and mild fueling tweaks to offer a slightly sharper sports saloon. With the AC Schnitzer performance pack, you stand to get an M5 with 690hp and 850Nm. One can only imagine how much quicker it could get off the line.

Does it have the show to match the go?

You bet it does. Let's get it out of the way that four-door cars don't look as fetching as coupes or roadsters. That being said, AC Schnitzer has kitted out the world's first BMW M5 Competition with a kickass body kit. You get a bespoke carbon fibre front spoiler trim, a rear diffuser, a front splitter, rear roof spoiler, and side skirts. A 'Racing' rear wing sits on the boot lid, and a new exhaust system pops and crackles away to glory underneath. Finally, the super saloon also sits on new, stiffer springs.
Abu Dhabi Motors, the dealership of AGMC for BMW cars in the UAE currently has the world's first BMW M5 Competition AC Schnitzer for sale. Hurry up before it is gone!