Facelifted BMW 7-series Debuts With X7-inspired Styling

By Carprices TeamDecember 13th 2022
Facelifted BMW 7-series Debuts With X7-inspired Styling
BMW has given its 7-Series a mid-life refresh with new looks that stand out, to say the least. There is no missing the huge grille on the big Bavarian sedan.

Why The Big Grille, BMW?

Automakers that have been around for a long time have grown to adopt a unique design language that defines how all their cars look. BMW is no exception, with all of its cars featuring a double kidney grille, and the signature Hofmeister kink on the rear of the glass area.
A design language that defines a brand also ends up restricting it. A modern BMW with a single grille would be roundly criticized, and its makers would have to go back to the drawing board and return with the signature kidney grille. So how do you play around in a severely limited design space?
No more confusing the 7-Series with a 5-Series. Well done on this count, BMW.
BMW had one solution: make it large. Like BMW X7-large. The 2019 BMW 7-Series is defined by a massive double kidney grille flanked by slimmer headlamps than before. The firm already offered this grille on its biggest SUV to date: BMW X7. While that grille looked right at home on the big seven-seater, we will reserve our judgement on how the 7-Series wears it.
BMW had to do this because the previous 7-Series did not provide enough differentiation from its smaller siblings, a fact that irked many buyers of this car. Well, no longer can one say it looks like a 5-Series, because that grille clearly marks the BMW 7-Series out as a unique car.

What else is new on the Beemer?

For starters, the lighting is all-new. BMW offers a laser light option for its new headlamps, while the redesigned taillamps are joined by an LED strip down the boot lid. Inside is where BMW has massively stepped up its game. After all, a BMW 7-Series is about what's inside, not how it looks.
While the firm has chosen to continue with its basic present layout, the central 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen is new. The driver can now see essential readouts from a 12.3-inch fully-digital instrument cluster. Additional screens can also be added for rear-seat passengers.
The rear seat is the place to be in this luxury car.
BMW has upped the quality of materials it uses inside, especially the leather wrapping the seats. You will also appreciate the long list of standard features the facelifted 7-Series comes with. Adjustable dampers, air suspension, panoramic sunroof, Harman-Kardon audio, wireless charging, Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay smartphone integration - these are but a few of many features.


Standard safety features across all trims of the new BMW 7-Series include front collision warning with automatic braking, blind spot and cross-traffic alert, automatic parking assist with a 360-degree camera, among others. It's safe to say that in an unfortunate incident, no passenger inside the flagship sedan is at risk.


Buyers of the 2019 BMW 7-Series will be happy in this regard, for the car comes with a wide variety of powertrains. The entry-level 740i trim makes use of a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged inline-six engine offering a 335hp and 450Nm output. Up next is a 745e iPerformance plug-in hybrid variant that gives you 389 horses to play with and 600Nm of twist, courtesy of an electric motor supplementing the engine.
Further up still, BMW has plonked a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 inside the 750i which is rated at 523hp and 750Nm. This motor is a detuned version of the one powering the mighty BMW M5. The range-topping BMW 7-Series M760i gets a behemoth of an engine: a 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged V12 restricted to produce 'just' 600hp and 850Nm.
This is not even the stretched version of the car. Wonder how long the BMW 760Li will be.

Is it finally time for a BMW M7?

BMW strictly maintains the 7-Series is a luxury car. Although it could keep up with sports cars around a racetrack, the 7-Series was not built to serve that purpose. Hence there is no M7 under development.
However, one can find solace in BMW tuning specialist Alpina Automobiles which has time and again built cars that people have expected BMW to build. The tuner offers an Alpina B7, which is basically a BMW 7-Series on steroids.

How much for the 7-Series?

BMW has not disclosed pricing details of the updated 7-Series yet, but for reference, the 2019 BMW 7-Series in UAE starts from AED 390,100. For more information on the Bavarian luxury saloon, head to AGMC, BMW's official importer and distributor in the UAE.
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