AMENA Hosts First Regional Women in Automotive Forum

By Carprices TeamAugust 23rd 2022
AMENA Hosts First Regional Women in Automotive Forum
Female participation in the automotive industry has always been valued around the world. And to promote the cause, for the first time in the AMENA region, a conference is to be held for women in and around the automotive industry.
The theme for the event will be 'Increasing Gender Diversity in the Automotive Industry, Highlighting and Enabling Women in Leadership Positions, and Reaching and Serving Female Consumers Today and Tomorrow'.
“Our hope is that by bringing together the movers and shakers of the automotive industry, we will not only cultivate new conversations, but we will take our industry to the forefront of gender diversity and women empowerment,” said Alan Whaley, Chairman of AMENA
The association will draw on market intelligence and insight from the region to provide real substance to the conference. According to the Automotive Association of the Middle East and North Africa (AMENA), which is substantiating the forum, a special whitepaper will be published, which will contain relevant impressions and suggestions gained at the conference.
The primary goal of the conference, that will be held on October 3 in Dubai, is increasing gender diversity in the automotive industry. Apart from that, the Women in Automotive Forum seeks to determine where the automotive industry lags and needs resources and opportunities so that more women can enter the field and succeed. The conference also seeks to provide a platform for inspirational women to set an example for others around the world. Topics such as work/life balance how to have upward mobility, and how women may not be punished for going on maternity leave will be briefly discussed in the conference.
AMENA aims at overcoming traditional misconceptions and share best practices to support female consumers in innovative ways. This conference is also held in light of Saudi Arabian government's recent decision to allow women to drive, which has opened up new infrastructure that must be put into place in that area to cater to female consumers.