10 Fun Facts About The Toyota Land Cruiser

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As the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser approaches 70 years, explore its rich history and remarkable feats. From its origins as the Toyota BJ to triumphs in the Dakar Rally, witness the evolution of this enduring SUV, Toyota's longest-running nameplate.


The Toyota Land Cruiser stands out as an exceptional lineup of four-wheel-drive vehicles crafted by the renowned Japanese automaker, Toyota. These robust SUVs embody the essence of off-road exploration and challenging terrains, reflecting Toyota's unwavering commitment to excellence in engineering and innovation. Introduced to the public in 1951 as a competitor to the Land Rover, the Land Cruiser has since carved its legacy. In 2021, Toyota celebrated 70 years of this legendary nameplate, so let's delve into 10 Interesting facts about the Toyota Land Cruiser to pay homage to its remarkable heritage!

Unveiling the Toyota LandCruiser Legacy

The Toyota Land Cruiser, an epitome of automotive excellence, has a rich history and an array of fascinating facts that have contributed to its iconic status. From its early days as the Toyota BJ to becoming a global off-road sensation, let's delve into ten captivating aspects that make the LandCruiser Prado a true automotive legend.

Toyota BJ Origins and Nicknames

The Land Cruiser's journey began in 1950 as the Toyota BJ, affectionately known as the "Toyota Jeep." Which was a vehicle built for the US Army during the Korean War. The moniker "BJ" stuck, owing to its robust B-type engine. Over time, it acquired distinctive nicknames such as "Moose," "Pig," and "Iron Pig," symbolizing its rugged and versatile nature.

LandCruiser's Remarkable Mileage Record

Emil and Liliana Schmid etched their names in automotive history by covering an astounding 741,065 kilometers over 30 years in a Land Cruiser. This remarkable feat, acknowledged by the Guinness World Records, not only highlights the vehicle's durability but also attests to its exceptional longevity.

Dakar Rally Triumph

In 1996, the Land Cruiser showcased its off-road prowess in the Dakar Rally's Unmodified Diesel Class, clinching both 1st and 2nd positions. Conquering the grueling 8497-kilometer race over 15 days solidified the Land Cruiser's reputation as an unbeatable off-road vehicle.

Land Cruiser as the First Police Patrol Car

Breaking ground in 1951, the Land Cruiser became the Japanese police force's initial choice as a national police car. This marked the beginning of its service in law enforcement, emphasizing its reliability and adaptability.

Distinctive Design Requested by Japanese Government

The Japanese government played a pivotal role in shaping the Toyota Land Cruiser's appearance. With specific instructions to avoid resembling the American Jeep, Toyota crafted a unique identity, highlighting the vehicle's international significance.

Land Cruiser's Initial Price

Upon its debut, the Land Cruiser was priced at $2930, making it accessible to a broad market. This initial pricing reflected the economic context of the time, positioning the LandCruiser as an affordable yet robust choice.

Sales Milestones

In 1965, global production exceeded 50,000 units, marking a milestone as the Land Cruiser FJ40 emerged as Toyota's inaugural best-selling vehicle in the USA. The Land Cruiser achieved another noteworthy feat, attaining the first million units sold worldwide in 1981 after three decades. Remarkably, it achieved an impressive doubling of that sales figure within just 9 years, reaching the 2 million units sold milestone by 1990.

Delayed Introduction of In-dash CD Player

While in-dash CD players became mainstream in 1985, the Land Cruiser incorporated this feature only in 1993. This intriguing fact provides insights into the vehicle's evolution in in-car entertainment technology.

Toyota's Longest-Running Nameplate

The Land Cruiser proudly holds the title of Toyota's longest-running nameplate, a testament to its enduring popularity and continuous presence in the automotive market.

Evolution of Seating Capacity

From its modest 2-seater AK10 prototype to the 2016 upgrade accommodating up to 8 passengers, the Land Cruiser's evolution in seating capacity reflects its adaptability to changing consumer needs.


In conclusion, every Toyota Land Cruiser model stands as a paragon of automotive innovation and resilience. From its early days as the Toyota BJ to conquering the Dakar Rally and evolving in design and features, the Land Cruiser as a true blue SUV has consistently demonstrated its ability to surpass expectations. As the longest-running nameplate in Toyota's history, it continues to capture the hearts of off-road enthusiasts globally. Embrace the legacy, explore the milestones, and witness the Land Cruiser's journey from the past into an exciting future.



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