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Breaking News: You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin

It’s official! You will now be able to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. After Tesla invested a large sum of money in Bitcoin, many rumours emerged that in the future we could buy Teslas with Bitcoin and now Elon Musk has confirmed that the rumours were true. Tesla’s CEO has also pinned his tweet and…

Which is the First Company in the UAE to Order Tesla Semi Truck?

Tesla unveiled its Semi truck in Nov last year and impressed a whole bunch of people. The Semis haven’t been sent into the production yet, but certain companies are well aware of its value and excellence and hence have started booking some. Do you know which company in the UAE is the first one to…

Tesla Roadster 2020: Unbelievably Fast

Tesla recently had the ‘Tesla Semi’ event organised where we were expecting two new electric trucks to be unveiled. And that was indeed the case. Undoubtedly, Tesla had a great presentation with Elon Musk on stage introducing the new Semis. However, it’s not the trucks that got many jaws hit the floor, it was the…

Tesla Sets A New World Record By Towing A Boeing 787

Tesla has always amazed us with its incredible technological innovations that led to the birth of a number Tesla electric vehicles. However, the latest gig by the American company has left us in awe. Tesla used its latest Model X to tow a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Beware Tesla: Polestar 2 Breaks Cover!

Polestar has given way to a nail-biting rivalry against Tesla with the launch of 2 ahead of Geneva Motor Show. The second iteration from Volvo’s ex-tuning arm which became a standalone electric performance brand in 2017 is ready to lock horns with Tesla’s mass-market Model 3. Unlike the Polestar 1 which was primarily aimed as…

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