What Can Happen In 42 Seconds? 0-400-0 By Bugatti Chiron

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Bugatti Chiron, a name which doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Bugatti has once again stretched the boundaries of possible engineering in the history of mankind with its Chiron. The company did something similar years ago when the Veyron was first unveiled. It seems Bugatti likes to break things; I mean like stereotypes, engineering limits, egos, world records.

That’s right, Bugatti has once again shown the world its capabilities. Bugatti Chiron, the 1500 hp supercar, has done a 0-400-0 kph run in a staggering 42 seconds! I mean, seriously? These guys working with Bugatti aren’t from the usual lot, I’m telling you. Here’s the official video of the run.

Of course, the immense power of the Chiron helped a little to make that figure a world record, but clearly, Bugatti needed a professional to drive the Chiron. It was Juan Pablo Montoya, winner of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix who was signed up for this task.

Powering the Chiron is an 8.0 W16 engine whose 1600Nm of torque accelerated the car from a standstill to 400kph and the world-class braking system working in conjunction with the aerodynamic wing (air-brake) helped it to come to a halt in a jiffy. All that took mere 42 seconds. To keep everything in check, the run was supervised and officially certified by SGS-TUV Saar, part of SGS, the world leader in inspection, testing, verification, and certification. In the entire exercise, Chiron covered a distance of 3.112 km.

Bugatti is quite pleased with the result, and why shouldn’t it be? It will be presenting the 0-400-0 world record Chiron at the 67th International Motor Show (IAA) which is being held in Frankfurt this month. If you want to be a part of the Bugatti family and own a Chiron, you would only need €2.4 million net (base price). But you need to hurry up because only 500 units are there and 300 are already sold.


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