Upcoming C4 To Introduce Electrification In Citroen’s Lineup

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Citroen’s C4 could be its first step towards an electrified line-up in the coming years. A few months after the French automaker launched the facelifted C4 Cactus, we have learnt that an all-new model is set to be out of its production ramps by 2020 which could be featuring a battery-powered powertrain.

This would be the company’s second attempt at an electrified powertrain after its co-developed C-Zero with Mitsubishi. This could be a curtain raiser for Citroen’s plans of a fully electrified line-up by the year 2025.

The upcoming Cactus is set to be based on a PSA Group’s Compact Modular Platform (CMP) platform that will also be seen on the 2019 Vauxhall Corsa and Peugeot 208 before the bigger leap across the rest of the group’s small car range. The platform in question supports electrification alongside petrol engines, indicating Citroen’s interest in the same.

Unlike the C4 that was launched in 2014, the upcoming model will introduce a new style for all the models up ahead that is based on the CXPERIENCE concept that was showcased at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

Centenary Surprises

Apart from the C4, Citroen also confirmed a plug-in hybrid powertrain for its new C5 Aircross SUV for the coming year. As a part of its centenary celebration, Citroen confirmed that it will be introducing two of its fully electric concept cars at next year’s Geneva and Shanghai motor shows.

The car that is expected to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show is expected to focus on Citroen’s vision of future mobility but retaining the ‘spirit of 2CV’. “If the original 2CV was for farmers and people who live in the country, our new concept will be for city dwellers,” said Citroen’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Communications Arnaud Belloni.

At the Shanghai motor show next year, Citroen is expected to pull the wraps off another concept car that will reveal a different and larger take on the future of autonomous driving.

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