The Last Agera RS Has Rolled Off The Koenigsegg Assembly Line

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Koenigsegg recently retired the Agera RS from production after having built 25 examples of the record-smashing hypercar.

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is something of a phenom. Not only did it absolutely smash the world top speed record held by cars like the Bugatti Chiron or Hennessey Venom, it achieved an average top speed of 447.23 kph on a Nevada highway using tyres that were stock equipment, going on to claim a total of five records to its name. Yes, that’s right, no slicks or specially developed one-off set of rubber. Koenigsegg had announced a limited run of just 25 cars, the last of which drove out of the factory last week.

The final Agera RS to leave the facility is a 24-karat gold-accented affair, named as “Gryphon Edition”. This car was built to replace a special RS of the same name that crashed last year while being tested before delivery. Koenigsegg also sold its own factory test Agera RS to a collector, leaving itself without an example of this bonkers hypercar. Now that all Agera RS units have been built and sent off, it also means that the Agera’s production is about to end. The Swedish company plans to build just three more of these called Agera “Final Editions”. The first of these, the Agera “One Of One”, is built as a homage to the crazy One:1. Yes, the naming system at Koenigsegg is quite a confusing affair. All three final edition cars have already been sold out.

Koenigsegg says it will now focus solely on building the new Regera hybrid hypercar, of which 80 units are slated to be assembled. However, the death of the Agera does not leave a blank space in the company’s portfolio, for Ängelholm is already working on a successor to the vaunted hypercar. The new ‘Egg will probably show its face at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. For now, here’s bidding adieu to one of the most insane road-legal hypercars ever built: Agera RS, that placed Koenigsegg at the top of the speed record arms race.

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