Video: Ken Block At Pikes Peak With His New Climbkhana

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It’s been quite a while since we last saw Ken Block going nuts in one of his Gymkhana videos. The chap is famous for making donuts and his insane drifting skills. He has successfully completed many Gymkhana stories and was looking for something new. So he selected Pikes Peak to have some fun. And when Gymkhana meets Peaks Climb, it is called Climbkhana. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Here’s the official video.

Earlier Block used to drive a Ford Focus, of course, a modified one, for his Gymkhana videos. He then switched to a ’65 Ford Mustang for last two of his stories. In his latest shot at Pikes Peak, he has covered a total of 156 turns in the entire distance of 20km. While drifting is his favourite hobby, to make things a bit more interesting he has chosen Pikes Peak as it has cliffs and one silly mistake would turn him into dust.

Ken Block’s ’65 Mustang is heavily modified to suit his needs. It has twin turbochargers and produces an astonishing 1200hp. And he makes it look like a child’s play handling this metal beast.