Toyota’s Concept-i Ride Revealed, Will Be Showcased At Tokyo Motor Show

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Toyota has revealed its new Concept-i Ride ahead of the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. This concept car is based on the Concept-i, which the Japanese firm had introduced earlier this year.

Toyota’s Concept-i Ride is an extremely compact electric car. It is 2500mm long, 1300mm wide and 1500mm tall. It has been designed for the urban use keeping in mind the increasing population and traffic in cities. Another interesting feature of this concept car is its gullwing doors. They are provided to serve a purpose here, apart from adding style to the vehicle. These doors allow a clear passage to enter the car. In fact, the area is wide enough to easily enter a wheelchair.

Being a compact car doesn’t mean the list of features has to be compact too. Toyota has implemented some innovative ideas in this concept car. We just told you about one above. Another one is the sliding seat. As soon as the door of the car is opened, the seat will automatically slide out to the entrance. How cool is that?

The Concept-i Ride doesn’t have a steering wheel. It would be operated using a joystick which will accommodate controls like throttle, brakes, steering input, etc. Of course, it has its own assistance systems which allow automatic parking capabilities. Perhaps, Toyota would implement some AI in this too.

This is just a glimpse of what’s coming ahead at the Tokyo Motor Show.