Toyota Avalon And Camry To Get TRD Treatment

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Toyota announced it is working on TRD versions of the Avalon and Camry sedans. Expect the two sporty derivatives to make an appearance at the Los Angeles Motor Show in late November.

Apparently, the current XSE trims of the Avalon and the Camry are not sporty enough for Toyota, which is why the Japanese automaker is handing them over to its performance arm: the TRD division. Toyota announced on Twitter that TRD versions of the two models will be on display at the Los Angeles Motor Show next month.

There has not been a precedent from TRD (Toyota Racing Development) in the sedan department, with the division focusing mostly on off-road TRD Pro trucks and SUVs, and the mildly tuned GT86 TRD Special Edition sports car. Going by what we can see from the teaser images, the sportier Avalon and Camry will at least get bold body kits and more role-focused wheels and tyres. A stiffer suspension setup is also not too much to hope for, in addition to bits of sporty interior touches and lots of TRD badging.

What is not known as yet but we are fervently hoping for is more power. Nothing wrong with a few more horses to play with, right? It’s not as if the Avalon and Camry lack for power, with both of them sporting a 3.5-litre V6 under the hood that is good for 301hp, which is quite a lot for any self-respecting front-wheel-drive sedan. Perhaps Toyota Racing Development would add a sportier exhaust system to unlock a few more ponies, anything more than that could be too much for the chassis to handle.

There is not much competition to stand against the sporty twins. Ford sells a Fusion Sport with 325hp, Buick has its 310-hp Regal GS, and Dodge has the Charger and its multiple V8-powered trims. We will learn finer details of the Toyota Avalon and Camry TRD once they make their debut at the LA Motor Show on November 28.