Are Sand Dunes A Problem? Get The Nissan Patrol Moreeb By Arctic Trucks

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People who are living in the Middle East are well aware of the deserts around them. These deserts are of one of the prime tourist attractions of the region. Have you ever tried going on a Desert Safari here? It’s fun. But the sand dunes that the desert offers, sometimes prove to be tough to handle even for the professionals. However, people at Arctic Trucks don’t agree. They’ve modified a Nissan Patrol to pierce through the sand dunes without any hiccup.

For those of you who have never heard of Arctic Trucks, it is a company based in Iceland. It was formed back in 1990 and started their operations in the UAE in 2010 in collaboration with the Al Futtaim Motors. These guys specialise in modifying 4WD vehicles for use in rough environments, for example in the mountains, in the desert and on glaciers. If you’re a petrolhead you must be familiar with the show TopGear and its special episode of Polar Challenge to the Magnetic North Pole. It was guys from Arctic Trucks who handled the all the modifications of the vehicles.

So, now since you get the drift of what Arctic Trucks can do, let’s talk about what did they do with a Nissan Patrol. Arctic Trucks has named their product as the Nissan Patrol Moreeb, after the highest dune in the UAE, Tal Moreeb. They have done certain modifications to make sure that the Patrol goes everywhere without having any issues. To tackle the ups and downs of the desert, the suspension has been upgraded to offer 50mm lift and a higher ground clearance than usual. The Nissan Patrol Moreeb also has wider Goodrich tyres to get you that extra grip and stability in the sand. While driving in the desert, you tend to throw off sand all over yourself. To prevent that, the Nissan Patrol Moreeb comes with fender flares.

Everything modification on the Nissan Patrol Moreeb has been done to serve a purpose. And anything useless has been removed. The guys at Arctic Trucks are very serious with what they do and this Nissan is available with full warranty through Al Masaood.

Hjalti Hjaltason, General Manager at Arctic Trucks ME, says, “Specifically engineered to tackle the toughest road environments, the Nissan Patrol Y62 AT35 Moreeb is exclusive to the UAE market and not available in any other country. The vehicle is a culmination of 30 years’ experience in modifying cars and promises to conquer challenging landscapes while still taking passengers on a smooth ride. This vehicle is built for those with refined tastes – boasting both luxurious interiors and exteriors.”

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