AMENA Is The First-Ever Automobile Association In The Middle East

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Doesn’t it feel nice to be a member of a group of like-minded people? I mean, for me it is so much easier to initiate a conversation with a petrolhead than a normal human. And, most probably, we’d end up sharing our contact details. This is what happens on an informal level. Consider this in a more formal way. Imagine something similar for the automobile industry, something big and organized. This is where AMENA comes in.

AMENA is an automobile association, the first-ever of its kind in the Middle East. It is based out in Dubai. It is a professional organization for individuals and manufacturers. Its services are also spread in North Africa. The association is in contact with several major manufacturers, dealers and suppliers in the region. They invite more car makers and professionals to join the membership, which offers numerous benefits and promotes success in the automobile industry. It raises automotive industry standards through thought leadership, knowledge sharing, market intelligence, and championing and representing the industry in the media and with government organizations and regulatory bodies.

Speaking about AMENA, Alan Whaley, Chairman of AMENA, says, “It’s time for the automotive industry to have a voice and be recognized as a professional industry within the markets we operate in, and to raise the standards on delivering outstanding service to the customers. Since our launch less than 2 weeks ago, we have been overwhelmed by the response and the enthusiasm for AMENA and its mission.”

Members of this organization will have an advantage over the others. AMENA has various services to offer, and one of those is its News. AMENA News is a platform that brings together the latest news, test drives, and initiatives, and delivers it in a daily Instagram Stories show every morning. Also, members can view a weekly live Facebook show, which includes interviews with industry leaders. Every month, a report is given on the state of the global and local automobile industry through AMENA Insights.

Then we’ve got the AMENA Directory which offers an official listing of those in the industry recognized for their professionalism, commitment and experience. Middle Eastern and North African automotive manufacturers, importers, dealers and third-party partners can be found listed on the website.

AMENA is also a great stage for all those people who are looking to build a career in the automobile industry. Here they can utilize the potential of AMENA Academy which offers e-learning for training on ultra-relative and current topics. AMENA Careers also gives individuals the opportunity to connect with future employers.

For more details about AMENA please visit its website here.