239 Lucky Fans Watched Gulf Cup Final in Kuwait Thanks to Ali & Sons Audi

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Ali & Sons Audi, the exclusive agents in Abu Dhabi for Audi, always try to find new innovative ways to interact with the community. We’ve witnessed them in the past being very active within the community through several CSR initiatives, offering their patrons unforgettable experiences. And they have done it once again.

The Gulf Cup has been a major source of excitement during its run throughout the region and spectators have enjoyed watching the adrenaline-charged matches. The widespread regional interest and unity inspired Ali & Sons Audi to present an exciting opportunity to online followers, football fans, customers and the general public. Those who were quick enough to register themselves received a complimentary seat onboard a chartered Etihad flight, bound for the cup final.

Commenting on the exclusive offering, Mr Mark Austin, General Manager, Audi Abu Dhabi noted, “At Ali & Sons, we are always developing innovative ways to interact with our audience to provide truly unmatched opportunities across a number of areas. With the heightened enthusiasm surrounding the Gulf Cup Final, this initiative was an ideal way to present people with a personalised experience that enabled them to enjoy their love of sports and be a part of this landmark event. We continue to take our dedication to maintaining our company’s active role within our community to new heights and look forward to sponsoring many exciting future endeavours.”

The group of 239 lucky fans watched and enjoyed the final match which was won by Oman. We acknowledge Ali & Sons Audi for creating this amazing experience for the people. It shows its interest in activities happening in and around the nation. Ali & Sons Audi have always taken the first step towards building a healthy and happy relationship with its audience. And we hope to see such involvements in the coming future.