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Mercedes to Unveil 2019 G-Class At NAIAS Detroit 2018

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The mighty Gelandewagen simply refuses to die. Mercedes-Benz is poised to unveil the new 2019 G-Class at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Detroit, scheduled between 14 and 28 January 2018.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been around since the 1970s, and it has staunchly stayed the same domineering boxy SUV that can take its occupants across terrain deemed unfit for lesser automobiles. It is a rarity for Mercedes in that it has remained largely unchanged through the years, but if the customers want it exactly how it is, with a V12 powerhouse to boot, how can the makers say no?

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, then, looks exactly like it did back in the 70s. The boxy shape, large glasshouse, and the spare wheel affixed to the boot lid are unchanged. What’s changed are the minor details. The lighting is all-LED, with the headlamp cluster getting a new layout. Perhaps the major changes are under the skin of the big G.

The new model gets a new independent suspension with a double-wishbone front axle, new nine-speed automatic transmission, new transfer case, and a wider track. The frame is new and 34% stiffer than before. This makes the new G-Wagen an even better offroader than the outgoing model.

The interiors are modern too, updated in line with Mercedes’s new interior design language, while still keeping some rugged off-roading cues. For instance, the co-pilot gets a dashboard handhold, which is clad in carbon-fiber. The driver gets all the goodies, while the rest of the dash is bare. The upholstery is well-appointed, with dual-tone fabric used thoughtfully throughout the car for an upmarket finish. The clocks and infotainment system are housed in one giant screen, all-digital. The centre panel is a typical Mercedes-Benz affair, with touches of aluminium and carbon-fiber giving it a premium look.

In designing the 2019 G-Class, Mercedes-Benz shrewdly introduced vital changes to the Popemobile without sacrificing its capability. Messing with an icon almost always leads to its demise, and Merc skirted well around that proposition. The Gelandewagen is new for 2019, but still retains its 1970s badassery, along with the ability to dominate any kind of terrain it is made to face. Want one? We certainly do!

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