McLaren Revives The F1 With The New Speedtail

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Bless the engineers at McLaren for the Speedtail is finally here. Inheriting the F1 moniker from the nineties, McLaren has finally unveiled its centre-seated beast that falls in the millennial hyper-GT segment.

Like the F1, the new Speedtail also comes as the peculiar three seater with a centrally positioned driver and two rear seats on either side. However, the one improvement that we could notice was the front-seat accessibility which is much better due to the absence of a gear lever.

The nameplate defines its body. With a length of 5.2 meters, the Speedtail measures close to the executive Mercedes S-Class limousine. Up at the front, the car sports signature McLaren design cues with ultra-slim headlights and slats at either side of the front bumper.

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A glance at the side profile will not let you notice much other than the extraordinary overhang. Apart from that, the different styling in the front and the rear wheel catches eyeballs too. McLaren has opted for, what could be called as, a ‘solid’-looking front wheel while the rear features the conventional ones. However, McLaren says that the fixed covers can be removed if required.

The lack of conventional side mirrors has given the Speedtail a cleaner look on the sides. Instead, McLaren has opted for a pair of cameras which slide out of the door to capture a wide-angle imagery of the laterals while displaying it in real-time on the dashboard.

Nothing less than we expect, the Speedtail comes with a host of cutting-edge technologies that help it be on the tarmac at that speed. The car comes with a pair of flaps that have been cut into the rear bodywork that moves up to different angles to create extra downforce if and when required.

McLaren is still finalising the elements of the car’s performance figures and hence is tight-lipped about the actual technical spec sheet. Our knowledge about the car is currently limited to the fact that it would be a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain which is based on the company’s 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

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The company is expected to clock the peak output figure at 1035bhp with a kerb-weight of a modest 1430kg. With a top-speed of piercing 403khp, the car can touch the 300kph-mark in just 12.8 seconds which is approximately four seconds faster than its crowned hypercar P1.

The Speedtail is dubbed to be an ultimate road car. One of the things adding to its practicality is the boot space. The enormous rear comes with a purpose. Overall, the car sports two luggage space: one at the rear and one in the front. From the looks of it, we can guess an overnight luggage for three people could be easily spaced in it.

Talking about how special the car is, McLaren has decided to roll out just 106 examples from the production lines. However, we must say that the models for the coming year have already been sold.

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