McLaren Debuts The Stunning Production-Ready Senna GTR

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This ladies and gentlemen is the production version of the McLaren Senna GTR. A weapon from Britain made especially for those who thought the Senna wasn’t fast enough.

McLaren stunned us all a year ago when it showcased the Senna GTR concept. Looking spookily close to production, we were told that the Senna would have at least 814hp on tap, and the final iteration has…814hp. “Compared to the standard McLaren Senna wing fitted to the 2018 GTR Concept (in orange, above), the wing of the McLaren Senna GTR has been reprofiled and relocated,” the company says.

Adding to what was already an aerodynamic masterpiece, this wing surely is not just reprofiling. And as a result, McLaren promises a downforce north of 1000kg. That’s up 200kg on the road car. Considering that usable downforce on the GTR comes only at higher speeds, it’ll be theoretically a much smaller leap of faith.

Let’s face it, the GTR looks terrifying. However, the British company is talking up about the car describing how easy it’ll be to drive the Senna GTR close to its limits, promising that “95 per cent of the performance of the car can be accessed by 95 per cent of drivers”. If that helps.

As we can expect, the Senna GTR comes with three driving modes that help keep the mad power on a leash in different driving conditions. This includes Wet, Track and Race drive modes. The adjustable ride height of the Senna has been ditched for a setup that is derived from the McLaren 720S GT3 race car.

The interior is wider, lower and shorn of luxuries like touchscreens and fancy foldaway dials to ensure the car tips the scale at 10kg lighter than a regular Senna. This is despite additional pieces of equipment like fire extinguishers, data loggers and pit radios. Plastic windows and Senna’s trademark leg-flashing lower glass are also no-gos for the GTR, contributing to the diet. The additional 25hp over the Senna comes with the removal of a catalyst, meaning it will sound rather potent too.

Want one? That’ll cost you a grand $1.4 million alongside a scoop of taxes. But more importantly, each of the 75 cars will be made to its customer’s bespoke order with the MSO. All this, however, is too late to be told as all 75 have been already sold.

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