Jaguar XJ To Arrive In All-Electric Avatar

The Jaguar XJ electric was a surprise move from Jaguar, but we welcome it wholeheartedly. After all, Porsche and Tesla must be longing for rivals by now!

Jaguar XJ Electric Dubai UAE|xj_040
Jaguar XJ Electric Dubai UAE|xj_040
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The Jaguar XJ has been spied undergoing test runs with a crucial new update. For the first time in the brand’s 85-year history, Jaguar will offer its new flagship model in a fully electric configuration. As such, the new XJ will take on cars like the Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model S, and Audi e-Tron GT.

Although the prototype spied on test is under heavy camouflage, small sections of the grille are visible. The silhouette of the front fascia is quite like the I-Pace. Jaguar will give the new XJ sleeker headlamps that will impart a modern look to the big saloon. The camouflage also fails to hide the new door handles which are recessed and pop out upon touch like the I-Pace’s ones.

With the world focusing more and more on electric propulsion, Jaguar has chosen the right time to dive in. Following the warm response the I-Pace received, Jaguar seems to have boosted research and development on electric cars. However, electrifying the XJ is a pretty bold move. Time will tell how it fits into the British carmaker’s lineup of future offerings.

The current most powerful variant of the luxury saloon, the XJR, puts down 575hp. The electric XJ will purportedly generate around 800hp. While the test mule shows nothing of the interior, we can be sure that switching to an electric drivetrain will unlock more space inside the cabin. The XJ’s profile also seems largely unaltered.

A significant change can be found at the rear of the car. Jaguar has done away with the stretched vertical taillamps of the erstwhile XJ and gone for wraparound horizontal units. There is, of course, no exhaust poking out the rear bumper. Speculation says that the XJ will run on a 90.2-kWh battery pack and deliver up to 470km of driving range on a full charge.

The I-Pace is proof that Jaguar isn’t afraid to break the mould. In the same spirit, the firm has veered away from the XJ’s traditional three-box profile, adopting a sleek, low-drag design instead. The electric XJ might not sell in huge numbers due to it already being a top-tier Jaguar. EV price premium is inevitable, but it could make for a compelling flagship car.

Images Credit: CAR Magazine

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