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High-Hauling Comparo: Toyota Land Cruiser Vs Nissan Patrol

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While the roads of UAE are evidently dominated by high-hauling vehicles, Toyota and Nissan might be the sportiest of all the automakers to dominate the segment. The Toyota’ Land Cruiser and the Nissan Patrol have carved a niche for themselves in the market and the sales figures are the biggest proofs.

We can picture nothing other than a high-seated SUV bashing across the dunes of Dubai when these models are talked upon. However, while both the models might seem to be equally at par, the dilemma remains to choose one of the two. Hence, an insight about both the monikers might help you fixate on either one.

Toyota Land Cruiser Overview

Toyota’s flagship Land Cruiser is the grand-daddy of the full-size SUVs and has always been popular in the UAE. This rugged and extremely capable machine received a facelift in 2015 with its huge chrome-slapped grill that added to its imposing presence. However, the headlamps and front bumpers try to look too modern, which we feel doesn’t blend too well with the traditional, yet the handsome design of the SUV’s laterals.

The interiors look and feel premium and the choice of materials would probably not look out of place on a Lexus. The modern looking interior has no shortage of space, thanks to its generous exterior proportions. However, due to the ladder on frame construction, the floor is tall, and that compromises the thigh support a bit.

Nissan Patrol Overview

The Nissan Patrol is a preferred choice of Abu Dhabi’s royalty has helped it further to cement its position as one of the best SUVs in the region.

The Patrol is nothing short of size as it is magnanimous to behold and large in proportions by any standards. This promises to be largely practical both in the city and when you want to take it to the road less travelled.

The interior and the build quality on all trim levels of this flagship SUV is top notch. Nissan has maintained a good balance of good quality materials from the leather steering wheel, wooden inserts and the dash with wood trims, infotainment screen, Bose sound system, powerful air conditioning and a well-insulated cabin.

The Comparo


The base variant of the Land Cruiser features a 4.0-litre V6 VVT-I engine that is mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission, capable of delivering close to 271bhp of power and 385Nm of torque.

On the other hand, the Nissan Patrol with the same displacement and number of cylinders churns out 4bhp and 10Nm more than the former at 275bhp of power and 395Nm of torque.

While the recorded top speed of both monikers is clocked at 200kph, the Nissan Patrol hits triple-digit speeds in 0.5 seconds earlier than the Land Cruiser.


The Patrol, by all means, measures larger than the Land Cruiser. The former measures 5.165 meters in length while the latter is 5.095 meters long. The Nissan Patrol has 3.075 meters of wheelbase while the Land Cruiser measures 2.850.

Safety Features

The Nissan Patrol scores handsomely when it comes to safety features while the Land Cruiser lacks plenty. Features such as rear fog lamp, high mounted stop lamp, power tailgate, the rear wiper can be seen on the Patrol but are absent on the Land Cruiser.

Tech and Interiors

While both the model features all the modern day essentials of an ideal vehicle such as cruise control, keyless entry, rear AC vents and much more, the Land Cruiser can be favoured because of additional features such as auto dimming mirror, navigation system, USB port, leather steering wheel, multi-information display automatic and adjustable seats.

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